Freitag, 26. Dezember 2014

Friday Five and Solstice

Last monday was winter solstice.
We made our traditional forest walk.
Every year the same way on this day.

It is every year the same way, but it is always different.
Every year we have different weather, different light mood.
Sometimes snow, sometimes severe frost, sometimes dark, sometimes bright, mild and grey ...
In the pictures you can not see how stormy it was this year.
The running was very difficult to fight against wind gusts.
But it was wonderful and a truly magical day.

All elements were present.
In the treetops blew the wind spirits.
In the air was a little rain.
And the light made a famous rainbow...

Look back and look forward...

At a certain place, near by four old oaks we made a feast for all the elves and animals.
Such a mandala we do every year (here is it from last year).
We wish all a Merry Christmas and good luck to survive the winter.

Then we go home and it will be dark soon.
It is a great solace that the longest night, the deepest darkness turns and the light will return.
In general: the nature gives peace and relaxation, even if it is not always a peaceful weather.
It is every year a special day and a good walk.

PS: The second version of the illustrated Angel-story is here.

I wrote this post on tuesday.
Today  I'm glad that we had at least this one holiday.
Christmas is down this year because of the worries with the heavy injured cat.

 She is the most suspicious cat what I've ever seen and every visit to the Vet destroyed their confidence for many days and then she hides out and not comes to me.
This time, after surgery and anesthesia she was severely traumatized and it was impossible to let her out. But closed doors she can not accept and she panicked.
I could not calm her, she  made 12h long rampage in spite of her wound. That was cruel, and of course no salvation success. Finally, I've opened the door and she quickly disappeared.
Early yesterday. All day long I sought in vain. This morning she was in the vicinity of the garden, but inaccessible to humans area. There she meowed very weak.
But she did not come to me, so gon further away.
It is very cold and wet and icy wind and her was shaved off half the fur.
I do not know how long she survived.
Today, we must go to the Vet, ge  antibiotics, but I can not captured her.
It is a drama and I'm stumped. Tried everything.
Door is open all the time, but they will not come.
By the long time she had her reflection enough ... she will died this time. 

It's so sad, but what shall I do, what I had yet not tried?
It is really not a good time.
Christmas is canceled this year.


  1. Wonderful sights from your corners of the world. Love the arrangement in the woods. Thanks for linking with Friday My Town Shoot Out.

    Mersad Donko Photography

  2. Mascha, I think the best you can do is relax and stop worrying too much. Trust that all in life is the way it needs to be. Animals have strong instincts. If your cat feels she needs your help, she will come. Just trust her! And if she feels that she can deal with her wounds on her own, then she will. Trust her on that too. Either way, relax your mind and trust that all is well. Sending you all my love xxxxx

    Love your tradition of solstice celebration, it is beautiful! What a wonderful mandala you created. And such a tall bright rainbow is always, always a reminder that all is well and life is magical, even when we don't see it right away.

  3. Mascha, I am so sorry about the cat. The pictures you posted are beautiful, and I'll be hoping that your cat returns to you.

  4. Everything that Natalia Lialina says is true.. I cannot add anything to reassure you, but I am sad for you and your beloved cat. Animal pets are such a wonderful thing for us humans...and so good for our souls. I love your solstice pictures and have borrowed some of your mandala. You must live SO near the forest. How wonderful. I imagine it is very quiet there and that you do not hear the traffic noise as I do when I go to the woods closest to where I live. Blessings to you liebe Mascha....SOMEDAY we will meet and SPEAK ENGLISH and GERMAN together...teaching each OTHER!

    1. AND...I have borrowed your mandala photo for my facebook cover photo. Many friends asked about what it now they know!

  5. So sad for you and your injured cat. I hope you see him soon and that he will heal quickly. The photos are lovely.

  6. I'm so sorry about your kitty Mascha. I surely hope she returns that you can take her back to the vet.

  7. Your traditional forest walk is a beautiful idea - especially as it includes creating a unique mandala. Love those twisty shapes of the trees. Quite haunting.
    Natalia said most of what I would have liked to say about your cat. Above all, don't run after her...she will feel threatened. Maybe try the reverse...Do you have a back step on your house? Sit on it and simply call her to you... you are at her level and she will feel less threatened...It's worth a try... Namaste...

  8. Since yesterday she is finally back into the warm house, very scary and suspicious.
    We were able to get an antibiotic and I hope it heals now.
    To pull the threads out we have to go back to the vet and he said then she needs an anesthesia again, because she is so unruly. That will be the next trauma and I hope not to hard frost then will be, when she runs the next time out (she does it after each vet visit)

  9. How special to see rainbows! the circle design is wonderful. Tom The Backroads Traveller

  10. I know the love and joy - along with the sadness our creatures and nature can bring . . . I think it is even deeper with you . . your being seems spirit directed and lovely . . I am grateful the kitty is good . . and i hope Every Special Day is celebrated in your heart - because, the earth would grieve if you were not available to witness all her gifts . . .

  11. First, I loved reading about your solstice traditions, and seeing the beautiful tree and rainbow photos! What a wonderful outing. Your mandala will feed the birds and woodland creatures at this cold and difficult time. Best wishes to you for an easier winter, and for a great coming new year!

    The news about your poor cat was so sad, and I am sorry it was over Christmas that you had these difficulties. I hope she will come home. Poor little traumatized kitty...but do not blame yourself. It had to be done for her.

  12. This was so interesting. I enjoyed your walk through your pictures and how you leave out the food for the animals. It made me sad though about your kitty.

  13. oh mashca, i am so sorry about your kitty. i hope she has come home and let you take her back to the vet. i do love that you take the same walk in the woods every solstice and i really love the arrangement you left. you gave me an idea to try this! thank you for linking and i am sorry christmas was sad with your kitty situation....i hope you will have a happy new year!! sending hugs to russia!


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