Donnerstag, 3. Juli 2014

Тоска по морю - Longing for the sea

Every summer I get a longing for the sea.
Where I was not for so many years ...
Where I actually always want.
Not only in summer.
But then most.
And again I read books in which the sea is described
Stories, playing at the sea.
Old books evoke feelings of nostalgia and then I think of old songs too.
For example, this song about a sailing ship.

Here the komposer Georgi Lepski sings his song:
 Or this old song about Odessa and a sailor fisherman in love. 
It always reminds me of the description of Odessa by Konstantin Paustovsky. 
This world no longer exists in today's Odessa. 
Therefore, it is not so bad, not being able to travel there.
 It lives on only in songs and literature. 
A little nostalgia is a part of live...
 Sings Mark Berness, Scene from a movie 

I'm living in a mountainous region.
 But the distance seems sometimes blue, like the sea...


  1. I'm drawn to the sea, too. Lovely post.

  2. I grew up on the ocean and miss it now that I am not as close!

  3. Mascha, I am always amazed that you have so much love, understanding and appreciation of Russian culture! Your soul is Russian, in the best sense of this word. :)

    I actually was singing "Я вам не скажу за всю Одессу..." just recently while cooking in my kitchen! :)

  4. Oh I agree. A few well spent days by the sea is such a treat! We haven't been in a couple years but it would be so nice.


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