Dienstag, 29. Juli 2014


Orchid is the theme of this week at 52 Pick-me-up.

When I was a little girl, my father took me into the forest, looking for orchids. They were hard to find, Cephalanthera damasonium - we have long sought.
Every year we went back there, sometimes there were multiple and sometimes flourished none of them.
In a meadow we were looking for Orchis morio.
The wild orchids in Germany are very rare, inconspicuous and small. No colorful exotic flowers ...

That's why we call rare courses at the Universities "Orchid subjects".
Such as Caucasian studies, Onomastik or rare languages.
There are only a few students, a small circle. I think that will be familiar and interesting and an inspiring contact with the other interested peoples. This I have often missed in my life... -
I would have liked to study such a subject (but real I haven't make a study).
I am interested, for example, of Chinese writing or Old Slavonic language.

That's what comes through my head about orchids .

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  1. Interesting sleeve detail. I'm having trouble with this theme. I don't own anything with orchids on. I am interested in your book. Can you read it? You live in a beautiful place if this is your house. I love seeing your view. Your musings are lovely memories. I will have to remember "orchid subjects"... Very cute :-) XO JJ

    1. Well, my associations on the subject orchid is indeed very free. Also haven't a dress with orchid pattern actually...
      It's the rooftop of my house.
      No, I can not read this book - it is an old studybook of my father. He showed me earlier the characters (as well as the orchids) and I was fascinated. But here
      is another book, what I have too. There are the characters and their formation well explained figuratively.

  2. Beautiful and inspired - very unique associations you have. I studied Old Slavonic language, and Onomastics was always one of my very favorite disciplines. I remember doing a research as I was still in middle school and presenting it to other classes. My university thesis was about names of my little town.

  3. So interesting post like always with lots of energy and positivity shared... Glad to read about it!!... Have a great day and an wonderful summer! Alexa T

  4. Schöne Bilder, liebe Mascha - und die Ärmel haben's mir besonders angetan!
    Alles Liebe, Traude

    1. Die nennt man Soßentitscher ;-)
      Deswegen ziehe ich das Kleid nur ganz selten an.
      Liebe Grüsze

  5. Can you read that asian script? Talented lady. Thanks for you attendance at {*FiF*} I love it!


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