Samstag, 29. März 2014

Primroses in my garden and a Lent Song

A Russian Lent Song:

Translated with Google-Translator:

Fasting with prayer warms my heart ,
Above the earth chimes.
Reverend Father, our Andrew ,
Bitterly read your holy canon .
That soul from crying become
About damned past days ?
Cried my heart and lips :
- God, have mercy , do not reject me !

Oh, Adam , the first human ,
Fell in heaven and cried endlessly .
Cry, the soul, and you are standing far away
From his Lord and Creator .

Oh, soul , until damned ?
Likened Eve fell into sin.
Bring same now Repentance
God and Lord of all .

Was banished from Eden worthy
For only one commandment Adam .
Oh, soul , with you where we will be ,
All violating many years ?

Oh, soul , what is your hope?
Fasting and cry weapons take .
Clothed in torn clothes,
In those ancient serpent istkal advice .

Oh, the soul , the end too far off ,
Awake at the doors Judge .
We are with you justify nothing,
What are you contrition oh my soul ?

Me again closed water
Life passes like incense smoke.
Joseph was sold fraternity ,
Thou, soul , sells evil .

Shot by an arrow of adultery
Then David arose but repentance .
Well you , soul , lived crafty since childhood,
Do evil , forgetting Christ.

Oh, soul , my soul , arise,
Near the end , and have no tears.
Cry and heart, and lips
Yes , Jesus Christ have mercy on thee !

Dropping to the innocence of the dove ,
All the sins of the Blessed to fall down .
Not forsake omnipotent Queen ,
Seest our suffering and our misfortune .

Oh, Andrew , most blessed Father ,
Cretan shepherd , I'll sing .
Yes escape new sins
True worshipers of your memory .

Hieromonk Roman
March 24, 1987 ( on the Canon of St.. Andrew of Crete )
 ( I have reworked translation something if I could see the errors, sorry, I can not better English)


  1. Bunte Primeln, bunte Pracht ... Duft nach Frühling. Ich wünsche Dir ein schönes Wochenende.

    Grüßle von Heidrun

  2. Primroses are so pretty. I love all the different colours. Have a great weekend!

  3. Thank you for the translation - I am so glad He sees us, pursues us - even when we sin - and designed a plan to bring us home, to restore us to His family. Your primroses are beautiful, too - our pear trees are blooming now - and it brings such joy to my heart to see them. Wishing you blessing in the week!

  4. Du zeigst uns Primeln in den schönsten Farben. Diese hübschen Blumenkissen sind im Frühling ein wahrer Hingucker.
    Liebe Grüße, Karin

  5. Gorgeous as usual. Love the photos!!! You give a treat! Thank you.

  6. A beautiful weaving together of those lovely floral images and the Psalm.

    «Louis» thanks you for linking this at his Lenten Devotion.