Samstag, 1. März 2014

Harpsichord - an imagined story

Music is the theme of the monthly Outfit-Party by Ms Papelicos .
I like old music better than new and real instruments more than electronics.
I especially like the harpsichord. It sounds so nice and quiet and very different from the piano.
In my imagination I put myself now in a time when there were no PC or smart phones, or even radio and TV ... a time when life was much quieter, a time when it was still common to own a harpsichord .

It is a spring morning. Still and blue. Outside the window laughing the low sun ... it blinds me a little.
The room is still cool , the great stove was just lit only . That's why I pulled on my warm house coat.
I sit down at the harpsichord and play a little. Only for myself.
On the floor are scattered any sheets, in which I was looking for something last night.
Under the quiet sounds of my game mixes the sound of hooves and the creaking of wheels of a carriage .
My sweetheart comes from the coolness. He brings me a bouquet of daffodils, the first that he could get at the flower woman.
We sit down to tea and run something witty conversation. This is fun with him, he is a brilliant mind.

The sun has risen higher and the day promises to be beautiful.
I go to my boudouir to create a bright day dress.
My love smokes , meanwhile, still a pipe.
Then we go to the carriage and drive to the park.
There we meet my poet friends Bettina and Karoline * . We always have to tell something nice nothings ... and often we read each other poems and little love letters ....
The sound of the harpsichord melodies escort me in my mind throughout the day .

(* Bettina von Arnim (1785 1859) , Karoline von Günderode (1780-1806), German poets)

(The photo shooting would have used a different place , in a museum or something ... but that was not to realize and so everything remains of the reader's imagination .
The cat came only by chance and wanted to play with us. She was not scheduled ...)


  1. Thank you so much, dear Mascha for this wonderful post and for joining me.
    Love and sunshine

  2. This is a wonderful post Mascha, Lovely photos! I enjoyed them very much, also your words and pretty music.

  3. Love these imaginings. I would have loved the simplicity of these times. Love this music. Thank you, friend.

  4. Delightful post. I enjoyed your imagining.

  5. Oh, such a lovely post. I do love it when you write like this. I get swept up in it and taken away in the imagery. Thank you. This was delightful.

  6. Ach Mascha, wie wunderwunderschön diese Musik und wie wundervoll Eure Interpretation des Themas ist...
    Ich mag Deine Art zu schreiben sehr!!!
    Komm gut in die neue Woche,
    bei Gelegenheit schreib ich auch wieder ein wenig mehr :)
    Alles Liebe,

  7. You must feel like a queen in that warm, cuddly robe.


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