Freitag, 21. März 2014

My yellow post

Yellow - the bright warm color of the sun.

My own relationship to yellow is ambivalent.
Yellow flowers I like less than blue, red , white , and others.
Yellow clothes I have only a little and all the other colors more .
Before, when I was painting , I felt yellow as the most difficult color... but I have made vivid paintings with yellow and intense blue ...

Once I had a beautiful yellow summer dress , but I wore it only for a one day . All small black flies sat on them. That was strange and I never wore the dress again ...

Previously I lived in various apartments always up under the roof. There were low rooms and very warm.
The colors of my interior were white , turquoise, blue , gray, also cool tones.
Then I moved into this house and for the first time in my life the main rooms were on ground floor and partly without a cellar underneath. I could not get used to the cold and have very frozen the first time.
At the time I bought this yellow dishes and the tablecloth. This gave me the impression of warmth and it was much more comfortable.
I had orange lamp and red curtains and a lot of warm colors in the facility replaced the cool colors . That was a big difference .
Today I got used to the climate and also again many cool colors. But I use the yellow dishes are still often and also my love feels this yellow table setting as particularly beautiful.

I found a new type of tea in a supermarket.
It contents lemon balm, peppermint, roibos , blackberry foliage, anise, chamomile, licorice, cinnamon, coriander. It is quite tasty .

I want nothing else continue writing throughout the week - not all weeks are going well ...

Have a great spring everyone. Hope the snow goes fast.

Written for Nancy's Random 5 Friday


  1. Lovely yellow!!! :)

  2. I love these yellow shots. Just the jolt of color I needed today. Too much brown and gray in my space.

  3. A plea for yellow "captured" in beautiful pics, emotions and a little bit of remembrance of some related yellow things... So nice to think about it!!

  4. Yellow is such a cheery colour!

  5. Yellow is so cheerful. I love it in flowers and other things, but I can't wear it.

  6. Gorgeous warm yellows! So bright and sunny! Love the tablescape.

  7. Beautiful yellows Mascha. I must confess that our home in dreary cold England has yellow walls in the living room and one bedroom. The problem is that the house is stone and stays quite cool all year. Our house in Vancouver is wooden and much warmer. :) Hope you have a warm and sunny weekend. :)

  8. Lots of lovely yellowness here for sure.
    Yellow is a hard color to photograph. I too like flowers in other colors but don't mind Daffodils in yellow. I never wear yellow because I'm faired skinned and I think it washes me out. That is odd about your yellow dress attracting flies.
    Those dishes are so cheery and the tea sounds yummy.

  9. Oh Mascha I love your yellow post ... it is so refreshing. Like you, yellow has never played a big part in my life. I am fair skinned so yellow just made me look more pale ... but in nature yellow is fantastic ... bright, Springy and warm. Your post lifted my spirits as we are still waiting for our Spring to arrive.

    Andrea @ From The Sol

  10. Pretty yellow flowers. I can't wear yellow.

  11. Love this post of yellow. Our yellow flowers are not yet in bloom and they do lift the heart, don't they.

  12. We will be seeing yellow tulips and daffodils soon -- your photos are lovely.

    Hope you have a good week.

  13. I'm a tea lover. Your tea looks yummy. :)


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