Sonntag, 30. Juli 2017

White Angel

Traveler's tears wounded memories
Hand's full of days, these were the ways
You looked for home
Pale paths change marking out the way
Into the grace of day

Traveler's tears, wounded memories
One hadn full of days
One hand on the cold hard ground
It's as they say:
It's coldest before the dawn
As the cold hard ground
Would signify

White Angel, White Angel, give me light
I have passed such a long time
In the cold dark night

My bruised and burning eyes
Await their dream of morning
Put your hand to the plow
Dry your traveler's tears
Lick your wounds
Dress your memories
In woodbettany
It's as you'd own:
It's coldest before the dawn
And in your bones
You know the way back home

My bruised and burning eyes
Await their dream
Of morning



  1. ...Mascha, once again you have woven this beautiful tune with your gorgeous fotos. Thanks so much for sharing my friend, enjoy your week and please stop back again.

  2. Lovely images, music and lots of imagination, as usual!
    Thank you for participating in the "My Sunday Best" meme.