Freitag, 7. Juli 2017

Friday Five and moments...

... of happiness and gratitude

To have a quiet slow day to enjoy the summer.

To get a delicious bread from the "Table" (Charity org.)

To eat a sweet melon.
(the first "Piel de Sapo"-melon in my life)

To have the right weather to dry the laundry outside

To look at the play of light and shadows.

No more words for today - the summer happens outside and not in the web...

Around Roanoke


  1. ...Mascha, such a fabulous collection.

  2. Beautiful! I'd love to hang my laundry outside, but it is just too humid. They would never dry! The melon and bread look delicious and the flower (daisy??) is a stunning start to your post. Happy Friday!

  3. these pictures put me in the summer mood! that bread looks delicious...and that melon is different than any i've seen here! looks good! thanks for linking mascha!! have a great weekend :)

  4. Lovely summer post, Mascha. Your bread and melon look delicious and the ceramic blue plate is beautiful. I have to say the fifth photo is artistic! That is my favorite. Happy Friday! (#^.^#)!

  5. It's so good to be able to hang the laundry outside, it dries so quickly in this weather. Both bread and melon look delicious:)

  6. Liebe Mascha,

    schöne Bilder hast Du eingestellt und ich liebe es auch meine Wäsche draußen zu trocknen. Übrigens, meine 15 Fragen bei Astrid zum Sommerurlaub sind online. Schau doch mal rein. Würde mich freuen, was Du dazu sagst.

    Bis dann und liebe Grüße vom Bodensee, Burgi

  7. We are so lucky here, we are still hanging our clothes out in the dead of winter. Mind you you have to bring them in by 3pm or you have to start all over again!
    Nothing quite like a juicy fresh melon. Mmmm.
    Enjoy your Summer!
    Xo Jazzy Jack

  8. Such a wonderful set of shots...describing your day. Thank you for sharing on ...just BE.

  9. A great post and all so Tue. What beautiful photos, so clear and well presented.

  10. Gorgeous summer vignettes! Love the bread and the cantaloupe. And laundry hanging on the line...such a fresh summer thing! Thanks again for linking me up. Hope you have an awesome friend and I are headed to the Sisters Quilt show!

  11. I've not had that melon before either. It looks delicious. I used to love hanging my clothes out to dry but I can't anymore in my apartment complex!

  12. Så nydelig innlegg.
    Tørke tøy ute i sol og vind, spise melon og deilig brød.
    God søndag.

  13. some fantastic photos there, Thanks for joining in with Five on Friday, we hope you have had a wonderful weekend :)

  14. Taking the time to notice the world around you can be such an amazing moment. Love that you shared yours with us.

  15. Wonderful photos Mascha. The bread looks delicious!

  16. Haven't had one of these slow days yet, because I'm painting:) But ! love one of yours!
    Thank you a bunch for All Seasons as you describe one of yours!
    I don't think I would ever say this, but it is so hot that I'm drying the laundry these days in the shade! Have a good one, Mascha:)


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