Sonntag, 12. November 2017

Keep warm in cold time...

... enjoy home and lights
and use a lot of fabric

Art Journal Journey


  1. I am a BIG fan of your collage. It is a beauty and picks up all the high points of the AJJ challenge. The various images you chose were right on point and were great from both a composition and color standpoint.

  2. ...and it' been mighty cold here this week.

  3. Deine Collagen sind immer ein Hit! Großartig dass Du wieder mit dabei bist bei unserer Challenge Mascha! Danke !
    EIne schöne neue WOche für Dich und einen angenehmen November wünsche ich Dir!

  4. Oh My! What a wonderful collage! I love the combination of images that are so perfect for '101 ways To Keep warm'! Thanks you so much for this! Chrisx