Dienstag, 30. Mai 2017

Prodigal child

For a long time, I held to the knowledge
that I was a child of the earth, raised on rich soil
& air the flavor of dark bread
& though I heard about the sea, those stories
were whispered & strange & far from the ones
I knew.
Then, I met you, with eyes the color of storms,
or the emerald of deep waves when sunlight
moves across your face &
you are such a liquid invitation to the world
that I wonder now if the sea has called to me
my whole life & hearing nothing in return
sent you here to bring me home.

- storypeople -


  1. Great mix of photographs and story people art.

  2. ...thanks Mascha, for sharing another of your blue treasure posts. Your create such beauty. I hope to see you back again.

  3. I love the description of air as the flavor of dark bread!

  4. Really great poem, Mascha! Loved it.

  5. Beautiful, poetic and visually rich post, Mascha.
    Thanks for taking part in the 'My Sunday Best meme'.