Freitag, 8. November 2013

Random 5 Friday

This is an old abandoned train station.
The time is past when this ticket and snacks were sold, as it was a waiting room ...
The route was decommissioned.

There are many dilapidated railway stations in our region.
Many routes are no longer busy.
After the unification of Germany, one has many places cut off from the transport network.

Public transport in the GDR was very good and cheap.
You could go anywhere by bus and train.
Everyone could pay it.
Today, public transportation is very expensive and many people can not afford to pay.
As a result, no passengers and no more bus, no train...
People need a car if they can afford it or not.
Those who haven't, are cut off ...

There are some people who buy old train station and build for housing or for workshop.
I would do this even if I could.
This station also looks like someone continue their pursuit of.

I love the old architecture very much and I like to take pictures of it.
Only in recent years, less and less, because much of what is achievable for me, was demolished :-(
But I'm happy for each object, which will be preserved and restored.

Wish you a great weekend.


  1. i've always been a fan of trains. luv the views. thx 4 sharing. so fun. ( :

  2. HI Masha, this is a great bit of architecture. Each time I see an old building like this I want to save it and refinish it into a fabulous house. There are a lot of buildings like this in England, but not too many in Vancouver, as Vancouver is such a new city, historically speaking. Hope your weekend is looking lovely.

  3. Beautiful old building... I can definitely see it refurbished as a grand house.

  4. Wow these photos of this old train station are awesome. It's sad though that it's fallen into disrepair and no longer operating. I think the architecture is wonderful. I hope that some of it will be restored and preserved for others to enjoy.

    Here is my link:

  5. Thanks for the nice comments. My internet was down today for a long time, only now it just came back - I will read tomorrow your Random5's.

  6. Mascha -- I added the two extra photos to my post after you visited. I felt something was missing. :)

  7. Beautiful place! I'd love to explore and take pics there.

  8. These are beautiful photos! Thank you for sharing them as I very much enjoyed seeing each one. Amazing architecture.


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