Freitag, 19. Februar 2016

Friday Five, treasures and a dream

Good Morning,

it's friday and time for Tanya's Willy Nilly Friday Five, Amy's Five on Friday
and Suzy Mae's Soulfood Friday


We had some frosty grey days here, but when the sun was coming, it was friendly and much warmer.
I am grateful that the sun has once more strength.


Here three random photos of an old factory.
I made the analog photos 15 years ago and have them scanned later.
Found them now randomly in my archive.

After the collapse of the GDR many factories were closed, dismissed the workers.
15-20 years they stood empty and fell into disrepair .
It was an exciting and inspiring time for me and many of my paintings and big textile wallpictures were created by the impressions of these ruins.
Meanwhile they have them all torn down, built parking places, supermarkets and office buildings, and Germany has become a decent but somewhat boring country.
I have many photos as memories of that picturesque period and they all are a big treasure for me.

Because the photos seem so monochrome, I'm linking up with Wendy's Simply Neutrals Tuesday
and Tom's Tuesday's Treasures next week


It was a really random week, without to much mess and trouble.
I could spend a few hours at my working desk for pleasure.
That is my most beloved time...


Two nights before I had a strange dream:

We took a trip through the States, my love and I.
And we came finally to Nebraska.
At the edge of a country road we saw a few big packets of stuff.
It looked like the were parked there a long time ago and no one would pic them up.
I saw: let's drive in this small way and we arrived by an abandoned farm house.
It was half built of stones and half with wood,
a little whimsical, but lovely.

The windows were knocked out, but it doesn't seem to be left too long.
Inside was a a big high room with a balustrade and a beautiful house altar. 
I can not describe it, but it was a very special atmosphere there.
Several doors led into small rooms and I realized the rooms and some forgotten
items in it - I had seen all this in the photos of a previous blogger.
I recalled everything and realized were she had lived.
Exactly here.

The barn was empty and all pictures came into my mind,
which I had seen exactly from here. Hens and a dog and cats...
I was barefoot, it was summer.
And I let my sweetheart drive on alone, I wanted to go on foot to the next farm
and to the nearest town and further and further and wanted to search her.
I knew I must to find her in real, whose tracks in the web are disappeared.
Her blog comes so often in my mind...

A young man with a backpack came over and I joined him,
because he had more local knowledge than me...


At last a nostalgic song, what I've liked since many years.

Have a great weekend all :-)

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  1. I come once more to show you my interest!
    Will understand, if you are NOT interested at me.

    1. ...nun ja, in meiner Seitenleiste bleibst Du auf jeden Fall! Ein prima Blog! P.

  2. Mascha, What an interesting dream full of imagery. Love your photos, especially the last one of the stone wall with windows...Happy weekend,

  3. You have interesting history in your photos. The stone wall is beautiful- and the voice of Leonard Cohen magic!

  4. #1 I'm grateful for everyday...the sunny ones are nicer though
    #2 When I was young I never dreamed that the GDR would collapse
    #3 I love your creativity
    #4 Quite the dream
    #5 Leonard Cohen sings some amazing stories

  5. Love that old brick wall with the windows. Works so great in sepia.

    Mersad Donko Photography

  6. The old photos that have inspired your artwork are also an important historical record. Sometimes buildings are pulled down quickly before there's a chance to take photos. It's good that you remembered and made a note of your fascinating dream. The Cohen music is hauntingly beautiful. Glad you have had time to be creative this week.

  7. It's incredible how places can change over the years. It's called improvement and development. I'm not always so sure about that. A shame it's individuality has gone forever

  8. These old factory and stone wall have heard and seen enough to be share many stories if only they can talk.

  9. The old photos have so much atmosphere, all the straight lines and shadows. :-)

  10. wonderful post mascha..i love the stone wall and the old factory pictures! thank you for linking and have a great weekend!

  11. I'm listening to your musical choice . . . and missing Nancy . . do you know she posts sometimes on Facebook?

    I'll share my recent "dream" experience. Our weather can be peculiar - the forecast continued to tell us we were scheduled to have a fast moving storm of raining ice - on the same morning i planned to get my puppies to their day camp and then get myself to the conference I was attending - i wanted to be there in time for the very first event because the singing was so beautiful . . . Still, the weather forecast continued to warn of a "clipper ice storm"

    I went to sleep - and later, in the dark I heard - very plainly - "No Clipper, No Ice!" in a man's voice . . . I woke up, looked around at the dark room - said, "Cool, Thanks!" - and, in the morning - it was cloudy and dry - and i got to do everything i planned - on time.

    Happy Week to You!

    1. What a great dream experience - - -
      On fb I find only one pic-post from 2014, all the others are disappeared too. Or only for friends, maybe (?)

  12. So interesting to think of the stories that could be told from those old factories and buildings.

  13. What lovely old pictures. So nostalgic. Crazy dream. Funny how they can seem so real. I do like Leonard Cohen. His music is haunting.

  14. You are such a talented person. Your photos of the old building are fantastic. The 1st one was my favorite. I also just loved the photo at the end. - Isn't it strange what we dream about at times.

  15. It is so interesting to look back at old photos isn't it, especially ones before we all took so many on digital! Thank you so much for joining in the anniversary of Five On Friday, I really do appreciate it so much! Have a good weekend! xx

  16. I'm planning a trip in the spring which will take me through Nebraska. I shall be on the lookout for the house in your dream.

    Perhaps the blogger you talked about will see your post and contact you. Wouldn't that be fun?

  17. Interesting dream. We lived in West Germany off and on for 10 years. Have not been back since it was united.

  18. The abandoned factory photos are so interesting (and a little unsettling!). Derelict buildings always look so forlorn and sad. I'm glad you were able to use them to your artistic advantage.

  19. What interesting photos, Mascha and I wonder if you'll find the blogger in your dream?

  20. Such "moody" pictures. You've really captured the emptiness of that old factory. Leonard Cohen, eh? A fellow Canadian whose poetry I have studied at school. Never been much for his music, but he can tell a good story....

  21. Very nice series of photos.
    Thank you for linking up at this week's special edition of WWoT at

  22. First, let me say I would love to see your wall pictures. I know they are ones that would really pull me in. I enjoyed seeing the old factory photos. I am one of those older people who loves remains like these. They do tell stories and it is so sad to see them go. It is up to us, like you have done to create the stories to accompany them be it factory or old walls. I must travel thru time to your blog and see what you have chosen to share with others. Your magical world was a joy to enter. genie.

  23. The picture of the factory are amazing


  24. This entire post had a such a nostalgic feel....

  25. I love visiting old factories, wandering around and imagining the people working there. Though it must have been a real hard life for most people working in factories. They are kind of saddening places to visit as well, don't you think? Your photos of this one are amazing, so beautiful! xx


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