Sonntag, 12. Februar 2017

Love matters

Someone once told me that people will do anything for love & I had a hard time believing that because there’s Love everywhere. In the sunlight & air & trees & rocks. In the way words attach themselves to the things we do & see. In the heartbeat (beat beat beat) of the world.

They told me that didn’t count. Love only counts if you get it from other people, they said.

I looked around & all I could see were people wanting love, but not wanting to give it because it might hurt. Or because someone might say Go away. Take your Love & go someplace else where people actually want it (which is silly, because that’s everywhere)

It still makes me wonder if the only reason people will do anything for Love is because they think there’s only a little bit

& not the whole world.

- storypeople -

Shared with Our Beautiful World, Inspire Me Monday 
 My Sunday Best , Spy Girls #tbt Valentine's
Paint Party Friday 

(maybe I have used  this story sometime earlier in my blog, 
but it is so awesome, I think, you can read it a second time - the picstory is new))


  1. Das sind wunderschöne Fotos am besten gefallen mir nr. Eins und 3.
    Lieben Gruß
    Susa aus Hamburg

  2. Tolle Bilder. Die schöne Text.
    Mit freundlichen Grüßen :) *
    Monika aus dem Polnischen.

  3. Beautiful pictures and a great post...
    Always so nice visiting your blog!

  4. is the only thing that really matters.

  5. LOVE your storypeople comments about love. It is so true! Your photos and artwork are wonderful as always! I cannot link to you unless through a meme now, so I am hoping starting a new blog will solve the issue. Will post the link soon.

  6. Wundervolle Fotos und Collages und so wahre Worte.

  7. Love your collages! I think the more love one gives, the more one gets back. <3 <3
    Thanks for linking! xxox

  8. Lovely thoughtful pieces this week, thank you for sharing and happy PPF!

  9. I am participating in a week long Overt Love Operation with SARK, and she would love your shared story, as she frequently encounters that sense there's not "enough" love!
    And what lovely collages and photos! Happy PPF!

  10. I "love" your photos and your collage pieces :)

  11. Beautifully done! Wonderful shot of that early sign of Spring. Happy PPF

  12. Great collages and photos.
    Happy PPT ♥

  13. Fabulous post and collages!!

    Hugs Giggles


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