Sonntag, 27. Oktober 2013

Cemetery Chapel

Goslar, Gemany

Shared with InSPIREd Sunday


  1. Very beautiful. I love all of the ivy. Thank you for sharing!

  2. Lovely!!!

    Your sweetheart was pretty close to right regarding the Rosary Tree on my post...MammothLakesDP...

  3. Eine wunderschöne alte Kapelle, oder Kirche (?) ... Sie erinnert mich an Irland vom Baustil her.

    Grüßle von Heidrun

  4. I think it is so nice when people have their funerals at a church that has the cemetery attached. There is something very special about it, This is a beautiful church, Very old.

    1. If you pass through ancient villages in Germany, you can see most of the cemetery next to the church. which was previously built that way.
      In the cities it is different, there are usually outside the cemeteries on. Probably why you have small chapels built on the cemeteries, so it is not so far from the requiem to the grave.
      I think to myself.


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