Donnerstag, 28. November 2013

Looking for traces of Christmas - pt. 3 -

Some readers of my blog dreaming of German Christmas. 
Well, I live in Germany and I will looking for the footsteps of Christmas in my neighborhood, my small town and of course in my home.
The feeling of Christmas I will not be able to convey, but some decorations and what I encounter ... I will from now on show in the blog.
This is part 3

In a flower shop I saw these Christmas decoration,
which enchanted me and put in a fairytale world.
A feeling like reading in old books about Christmas ...


  1. Wow you took those photos well in a shop

    1. Coincidentally the light was well - most do not succeed ...

  2. It won't be long before Christmas will be here!!! Have a grand day!!!

  3. Such beautiful items. I love the fairy land look. Enjoy the season.

  4. I love the spirit of Christmas and the message of love and light. I've already started my decorating and tomorrow, I hope to get to creating a beautiful tree.

  5. I always think a German Christmas to be lovely! Thank you for sharing!


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