Freitag, 11. Dezember 2015

Friday Five, crazy life and helleborus...


Crazy Life

I had no idea that when I invited life to take over that it actually would & now I’m somewhere miles away from any place I know & life keeps waving its arms & grinning like a crazy person saying This. Is. So. Great.

- Storypeople -


I made some collages works lately, want to finish by Christmas even a book as a gift.
The books I'm currently are no words, just picture books, telling the stories. 
The connection of the images with texts by Storypeople only exists here at my  blog. 
This is another game to combine these texts with pictures. It is simply fun.
Click here to see more picstories.


In decembre of 2009 I got this basket with a helleborus niger as a birthday gift. Showed it here.
I planted it in the garden and it has become a stately plant. It made many small countersinks all over the area and delights me from late autumn to spring with wonderful flowers.
Photos made this week.

Sharing these Photos also with Today's Flowers and Flower Friday Hop

Flower Friday


I am happy and grateful for the mild weather in last time.
Enjoy walks on short days, whenever it's possible.
I don't need winter...


I can't understand this song (it's Hungarian) 
but I like how the both are playing together.

Have a wonderful weekend all.

19 Kommentare:

  1. I love the hellebores. Have a great Friday!

  2. Beautiful Helleborus niger flowers. I wonder whether we have this plant over here. Have a beautiful Friday!

  3. Lovely moments! Your hellebore's are beautiful aren't they, such a lovely creamy white! I hope that you enjoy getting your book together, that will be a wonderful thing!!! Enjoy the mild weather, I appreciate it too, makes all the difference to me! Thank you for joining Five On Friday. I hope that you have a great weekend! xx

  4. what fun with the picture stories and your hellebores is looking amazing

  5. I like how you've put the photos together to make the collages, very effective. Such beautiful hellebores. :-)

  6. Sounds like great fun with the picture stories, beautiful collages. Stunning hellebore!

  7. Wunderschön - die Collagen und die Christrosen!

  8. Mascha, your collages are alway such a treat. The Hellebores are beautiful.

  9. your books you are making will make some people very happy! that hellebores is beautiful mashca, as are your collages! have a great weekend and thank you for linking!

  10. Your pictures are so lovely. And the flowering plant is so pretty, too. Have a great weekend! Pat

  11. Fabulous photos Mascha, your creations and the flowers are wonderful! Thanks for sharing them and for coming to my blog and leaving such a nice comment. I was very interested in you having the umbrella. Wishing you a very happy weekend :)

  12. What beautiful hellebores! I like your photo collages too.

  13. Those are very interesting collages. I know you must have had fun putting them together and someone will get a very nice present.

  14. Such lovely collages, Mascha, and the helleborus are just perfect! So lovely with their pure white petals! What a neat video of the Hungarian folk singers!

  15. What a beautiful post. I too love collages. Thank you for your visit. It is cloudy and not a very pretty morning so you flowers have brightened my day. Thank you for that. Visit again sometime. I am always into some kind of art project.

  16. What a gorgeous gift! I'm stopping by from Saturday Show Off and hope you'll stop by to link up on my Flower Friday Hop.

  17. I love your collages! The flowers are so delicate and beautiful. Have a great week!

  18. Lovely collages,Happy Advent Greeting from Belgium "Mons ma ville"

  19. Beautiful, Mascha.
    Thanks for sharing at


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