Mittwoch, 16. Dezember 2015

Seventeen months...

They were Circassians.
For over 130 years lived in Syria.
Than the town bombed, their homes destroyed.
Families dead.
They had nothing to lose,
held each other's hands and went on the way.
They did not join a group,
didn't payd for smugglers to drown in the sea.
They took the landway, simply walked away
passing destroyed towns, across deserts
over mountains, trough valleys...
Rivers they crossed
peaceful or rough countries.
For seventeen months they were on the way.
Had good people met and bad
they saw destructed life, violence so many.
Forced into hiding and going away.
Nowhere they could stay.
The path was staying the goal.
They came to the land of their ancestors
but there wasjust  not a good place.
They moved further north
feet they wore far.
Fatigue and dust of the journey in their faces.
In the endless vast they stopped for a break.
Leaning against each other, they sat in front of their small tent
under the large tent of stars
and she asked:
Do you hear them singing?
And he heard it too.
Far in the distance.
someone was singing.
And through the song sounds a little bit
like home.

The exercise is to write a story to a picture.
Today I've changed it and wrote to a song.


  1. So beautiful, Mascha, and it is so applicable of what is happening in the world today. Thanks so much for joining in!

  2. Oh Mascha...the song is so hauntingly beautiful...even without knowing the words. I loved your poem and know so many people have had such pain in the displacement of their homes, in their loss of land and family. So often our world is filled with such sadness. I hope for the best for so many of them.

  3. This is really beautiful. Thank you for sharing it.

  4. Is the story true? Did they go to the singing and find some of their people?

    The singers are very talented. They should be on America's Got Talent or London's Got Talent or Wherever's Got Talent. I loved the way they overlaid the photos of the horses, flowers, etc. Wish I knew what they were saying.


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