Freitag, 18. November 2016

Friday Five and books

Good morning,
it's friday again and time for the weekly personal post,
joining with Tanya's Willy Nilly Friday Five.


It was not my week: pain and exhaustion, and still do all that needs to be done.
I was not very good at it, urgent need more break from alldays life..


I have so many books at my reading list, I must learn to read faster 
or have more time for reading.


Last I read an old book, written by a nurse of German Red Cross about her time in Russia 1916-1921, helping the prisoners of First WW. 
A very interesting and impressing time document.
I found it randomly at the clothing depot of our "Red Cross" here in my town. 
We can get there used clothing for a small donation and often they have old books too,
 I'm always looking there for something to read.


I've just begun "Chinmoku Hakubutsukan" by Yoko Ogawa,
an English title I cannot find.
This I call a good book: an unique story about a very especially museum, 
written very well!


Only one book in last time was not for me and I could not finish it:
"A Concice Chinese-English Dictionary for Lovers" by Xiaolu Guo.
I feel the story miserable and oppressive, and the language was unreadable to me.
I understand that it is a conscious stylistic device, this broken English, which was then again translated into broken German ... but: so I can not read a whole book!
It's like I write with my bad blogging-English a big book and that would be horrible to read 
for hour by hour.
I took this book into the public bookshelf, maybe another person has joy to read it.

 For today I finish my bad English post.
As a bonus here a funny video about civil defense in Ukraine.
It is amazing and comforting to see that the Ukrainians 
have still preserved their humor during hard times.


Have a nice weekend with a good book


  1. oh mascha, i am sorry you have not had a good week, hope you are feeling a bit better! we have a goodwill store here which sounds similar to your red cross store and i too get a lot of books there! i really need to catch up on my reading! thank you for linking mascha and wishing you a painless week ahead! i like the photo of you relaxing in the sunshine with a book :)

  2. I think maybe you need to find more time to read and let some of the housework slide. It will help you to feel better. (It works for me!)
    Take care and feel better soon.

  3. Mascha, so good to see that books are still popular.

  4. So sorry your week was not good. I hope you feel better and can find more time to read.

  5. Wishing for you a much better time next week. I hope you can find time to read for it's comfort for what ails us.


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