Sonntag, 20. November 2016


During the times you feel most alone, I want you to remember this: I held you & loved you from the moment you came into this world & that’s how it’s always been for me & if you forget, I am here to remind you as many times as you need.

- storypeople -

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(I had prepared this post, but today I think, 
I've the topic missed, I thought, worn is by someone 
or something. Sorry, my English is to little.)

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  1. Beautiful post and that quote is what I hope both my daughters will always carry in their hearts

  2. Some lovely pictures there...
    Love from Titti

  3. Great photos Mascha. You could think that your pansy is a bit 'worn' with that glorious texture and rain drops :)
    If I'm not certain of a word's meaning I google it. For example 'Worn definition'. That helps a lot us not native English speakers!

  4. Wonderful colors Mascha, over night my world turned white.

  5. so lovely. The colours are wonderful.
    best susa

  6. Beautiful quote and I love those pictures with the pansies...
    regards, Janneke

  7. A lovely story with beautiful photos and pages. Love the colours.

  8. Lovely post and photos! Thanks so much for sharing at OBW!!