Mittwoch, 19. Oktober 2016


... don't miss me.
 I try to blogging, when I have enough time and energy,
but I cannot be at all the nice memes.
Please don't invite me to your link parties, I will come, when I can,
but that's all to much at the moment.
And I must have a break, when I need it...

Dienstag, 18. Oktober 2016

Hope chest

I threw out my hope chest a while back
because it was too big to carry around with me all the time,
but I still kept all the blankets & clothes.
I just dress in more layers now
& I’m hoping to move to a cooler climate soon.

- storypeople -

(Photos from my archive)

FOTOgra - Miejsce pracy o poranku -

Morning sun at my working desk. Today.

Photographed for Art Piaskownica

A pretty mansion

Montag, 17. Oktober 2016

From the old time...


I've chosen baroque music, because many visitors write,
 that the modern songs were unaivable in their countries,
 maybe, that works better?

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Wordless Wednesday

Sonntag, 9. Oktober 2016

Wild songs

I wish for you a life where your blood
sings with the voice of an eager, wild thing.
With a voice that says I am here & in this short time,
this is the song I sing because I can.

- storypeople -

Dienstag, 4. Oktober 2016

Usual stuff

They couldn’t reach the cord to make it stop & so it flew about scaring the older ladies just out of church. It left behind a trail of wet feathers & a renewed sense of the presence of evil among the faithful. Once they found out who started it, everyone settled down & went back to hating the usual stuff....

- storypeople - 

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