Mittwoch, 28. Juni 2017


I’m ready to be inspired, she said & I said that’s not quite
how it works, so instead we sat in the garden,
breathing & watching the bees until she smiled quietly & said,
I forget it’s that simple.

-storypeople -

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Dienstag, 27. Juni 2017

Stuff, that comes along...

finally figured out that making a plan
for her whole life doesn’t get her out of stuff
that comes along whenever it feels like it

- storypeople -

Mittwoch, 21. Juni 2017

Ordinary life

Time stands still best in moments
that look suspiciously like ordinary life.

- storypeople -

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Dienstag, 20. Juni 2017

Best love

I feel how you sit in stillness
& love the world with all you are
(because it is the same for me)
& still there is a part of me that
wants to hear your voice now
& then saying, You are the one
I love best of all.

- storypeople -

Montag, 19. Juni 2017


This globe symbolizes the sun.
Here's the begin of the "Planet Way" through our town.
At different places from here the various planets are arranged
 in their scale to the sun.
(Photos made last winter)

Freitag, 16. Juni 2017


Friday Five and dancing people

Good morning,
its friday again and time to join with Five on Friday
and Willy Nilly Friday Five.
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The time flies so fast and we're really arrived in summertime.
I hardly notice it, the last times were sickness and problems enough.


After more than six weeks I'm still dealing with the rests
of my bronchitis and sinusitis, it doesn't pass away.


Nevertheless I've gone for a little swim three mornings in this week.
I think, a bit of fun can not be a misstake, I've had enough of all this disease!
The water is quite warm in our public pool and I have enjoyed it.
It only remains still next week for this pleasure, afterwards the summer holidays 
begin and the pool will be completely overcrowded. 
 So I had to go!


This weekend here is our yearly town festival, a lot of noise and folks...
But our library makes a book flea market and we necessarily must go and look!
Other things there are not very interesting. 
It's all just only for sales and business.
Earlier, in the time of GDR the town festivals were much nicer,
people were cheerful without money and material things.
Today they have unlearned to celebrate....


At last a funny dance video, I like the song

Enjoy your weekend

Around Roanoke

Dienstag, 13. Juni 2017

Hard to forget

I was waiting for such a long time, she said.
I thought you forgot.
It’s hard to forget, I said,
when there is such an empty space
when you are gone.

- storypeople -