Montag, 5. Dezember 2016

The town of childhood


Edita Pjecha 1966

The melody is an evergreen from France,
and the Russian poet Robert Rozdestvensky make an own lyriks to it

Somewhere there is a quiet town, like a dream
Dust fluid is brought to its chest
The slow river water like glass
Somewhere there is a city in which heat
Our distant childhood passed there
At night, I hurried out of the house
In the checkout station, ask the ticket
Maybe for the first time in a thousand years
Give up the childhood second-class ticket
Quiet cashier replied: "No Ticket"
No ticket.
Well, my friend, as she argued
The road to childhood where else to ask
Or maybe just only sometimes
Only in our memory we come back
In this town where fairy tales are living
Overbearing winds call us with name
And make us some crazy
Pine trees to the sky, to the sun home
There were silently drifting winters
Distant song in our destiny
Gentle town thank you
We do not come, do not wait in vain
There are other ways on the planet
We have matured, trust us, and forgive

Где-то есть город тихий, как сон
Пылью текучей по грудь занесен
В медленной речке вода как стекло
Где-то есть город в котором тепло
Наше далёкое детство там прошло
Ночью из дома я поспешу
В кассе вокзала билет попрошу
Может впервые за тысячу лет
Дайте до детства плацкартный билет
Тихо кассирша ответит: "Билетов нет"
Билетов нет
Ну что, дружище, как ей возразить
Дорогу в детство где ещё спросить
А может просто только иногда
Лишь в памяти своей приходим мы туда
В городе этом сказки живут
Шалые ветры с собою зовут
Там нас порою сводили с ума
Сосны до неба, до солнца дома
Там по сугробам неслышно шла зима
Дальняя песня в нашей судьбе
Ласковый город- спасибо тебе
Мы не приедем, напрасно не жди
Есть на планете другие пути
Мы повзрослели, поверь нам, и прости

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Sonntag, 4. Dezember 2016

World Peace

I have a friend who took all the doors out of his house one summer. 
It reminds me there’s nothing I have that’s worth hiding, he said. 
No secrets is the key to world peace. 
He put them all back on that winter. 
I decided it was peaceful enough for me, he said....

- storypeople -

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Donnerstag, 1. Dezember 2016

KOLORY listopada

A nadzieja znów wstąpi w nas
Nieobecnych pojawią się cienie
Uwierzymy kolejny raz
W jeszcze jedno Boże Narodzenie
I choć przygasł świąteczny gwar
Bo zabrakło znów czyjegoś głosu
Przyjdź tu do nas i z nami trwaj
Wbrew tak zwanej ironii losu

Przyjdź na świat, by wyrównać rachunki strat
Żeby zająć wśród nas puste miejsce przy stole
Jeszcze raz pozwól cieszyć się dzieckiem w nas
I zapomnieć, że są puste miejsca przy stole

- sł. Sz. Mucha -

Dienstag, 29. November 2016

Second thoughts

travelling as fast in one direction
as she can go before she has second thoughts
& goes back to doing the same old stuff

- storypeople - 

Montag, 28. November 2016

Green door...

Blaine L. Reininger - To the Green Door

Blaine L. Reininger is an American composer and performer born in 1953 in Pueblo, Colorado. Having studied violin from age 9, guitar from age 11, and music theory and composition through high school and into college, he left Colorado in 1976 for San Francisco. There, in 1977, as a consequence of his studies in electronic music at San Francisco City College, he started the legendary American cult band Tuxedomoon together with classmate Steven Brown.In 1981, Reininger and the group left America to practice their art in Europe. Over the course of the next 26 years, many artistic collaborations took place and many albums were recorded. These collaborations, while mostly musical in nature, often moved into other fields such as dance, theatre, and film.Since 2000, Tuxedomoon has been re-united and tours the known universe about once a year.Reininger continues to live and work in Europe, having lived in Athens, Greece since 1998. (source)