Dienstag, 12. Dezember 2017


Today I'm drinking water.
It's sparkling in the sunshine, when winter sun is coming out
(let's celebrate this moment!)

I like the sparkling fountain at my loveliest place in summer
(the princely wine terrace by the castle nearby out town)

I like the frozen water in wintertime.
Water is a famous element, we could not live without...
(but we forget that often)

I like the fresh cool rains in early spring
(as a child have celebrated to jump in the puddles)

I like the fun by the water in summertime.
Celebrating holidays and going for a swim
(and I'm so waiting of this season back again)

To celebrate...

This is a parade to celebrate the Future home of something great.
(I know we’re a little vague on specifics,
but we’ve got a really good feeling about it)

- storypoeple -

Art Journal Journey

Samstag, 9. Dezember 2017

Trying to paint again

A very long time ago, almost wo decades, I've painted big abstrakt
 acrylic pictures on wood.
But than happened a lot of bad things in my life
 and most of these paintings are lost or destroyed... and I'm unleared to paint.
Lost my personal style. Never more tried...never could.

I never was a friend of watercolors or colorpencils, seems me to pale.
 I was always a woman of big formats and intensebright colors.
 A very long time ago.
My life is no more the same and the biggest problem is just to have a few
 free hours in one piece, without breaking and disruption.
 I cannot begin a big picture, when I know, that I must go away after one hour...
So I made only paper collages in last years. 
That I can break, whenever it must be and to begin it again is easy.

Never tried to draw on book sheets before - I grew up with a high regard 
for books and there is some overcoming for me to do what is popular today.
Finally I found an old destroyed book with loose leaves and I've just done it. 
Draw at them.

But which colors should I use?
 Thried this and that, but it wasn't the right... and than I found my nailpolish.
Have such a lot of nailpolish, the most I got for free in a shop, 
what was open the last day - the colors were so beautiful and I took a lot.
But never used: the colors don't fit with my skin tone or my clothing... 
and I'm so much working with my hands,
 that I cannot save the polish more than one day. Or only a few hours...
Well, let's try to paint with them!

First try with nailpolish, but it isn't really good. I don't like it.
Well, let me use it only partial.

Now I bought watercolors and the second try is a little better.
The white wings aren't good, they are to white!
At first I took white watercolor, but it wasn't really white and I tried white acrylic paint.
Must make that still better, but I think, that could be a way.
Let me try again. 

What you don't see in the photo: some colors are mat and others are shiny.
That's the special effect ;-)

Written for Weekend Journal Page by Jesh St.Germain
and Paint Party Friday

Freitag, 8. Dezember 2017


Friday Five and the pictures of this week

(decoration in a shop, it's not my home)

Good morning,
it's friday again and time to join with Tanya's Willy Nilly Friday Five
and All Seasons


Found this plant in the scrap container at the cemetery.
Never seen before.
Any idea, what it is?


The last flowers at my stairs.
Still not Christmas decoration.
But I could not decide to put them away.


First snow we had on sunday.


Christmas market...


My way home from downtown

Have a cozy weekend

Donnerstag, 7. Dezember 2017

Bäume in Braunschweig - No. 2 -

Nachdem ich beim letzten "Mein Freund der Baum"
schon etliche schöne Bäume aus "Viewegs Garten" in Braunschweig gezeigt habe...
möchte ich heute noch eine ganz besondere Birke vorstellen.
Sie leuchtete von weitem durch den Park und zog mich magisch an.
So eine Birke habe ich noch nie gesehn!
Sie wirkt irgendwie verkrüppelt - oder auch multipel - wie eine Gruppe fast.
Ich weisz nicht, was ist mit ihr geschehen, dasz sie so gewachsen ist
Ein Unglück vielleicht ein Sturm
der ihr die Spitze nahm oder wuchs sie
unter einem Dach zuerst?
Oder ist sie eine ganz besondere Art?
Eine Kriegsverletzung, ein Bombenangriff kann es ja kaum
gewesen sein - so alt
werden Birken eigentlich nicht.
Oder diese vielleicht doch?
Sie gibt mir Rätsel auf.

Die Fotos sind vom 16.11.
Später Laubfall dieses Jahr.
Und wir werden ganz sicher noch einmal im Winter
nach Braunschweig fahren und
vielleicht gelingt es uns sogar,
einen Schneetag zu erwischen?
Wir behalten es im Hinterkopf als schöne Möglichkeit
die uns diesmal möglich gemacht wird.
Wie ein ganz besonders schönes

Fotos gibt es dann hier bestimmt.
Und nächsten Sommer möchte ich die Bäume
auch gern wiedersehn.

Geschrieben für Der Natur Donnerstag
und nachträglich noch bei Mein Freund der Baum hinzugefügt

Mittwoch, 6. Dezember 2017


I'll always be grateful to you who taught me this:
we are the ones who make this place home.

- storypeople -