Dienstag, 11. August 2015

Little German ABC

E is for Erinnerung

Er·in·ne·rung [ɐ|ˈɪnərʊŋ] die <–, –en> (noun) - that is memory.
er·in·nern [ɐ|ˈɪnɐn] (verb) is remind
sich erinnern is remember

We all have memories.
Any people write a diary or draw a sketchbook, other (like me) make a blog.
Most of people take photos, thats easy today.
In earlier times, only rich people could hire a painter to make portraits of themselves and family.
Today we can take a smartphone and make a selfie...
But there are also memories that can not hold by photos or be expressed in words.
These are stored in our soul.

Memories of earlier times are living in tales of grandparents or in early old photos.
Archaic memories we can find in fairy tales and legends.

There are also collective memory of  groups of people, tribes and nations.
These are often marked by conflicts and wars, flights and expulsions.

I often wonder how the memory of animals.
What does my cat remember about her former homeless life?
Presumably she remembers people who have done their evil, because she remains very shy and suspiciuos.
Although she is loved and has it well with us.

Have also animals collective memory?
It is painful for me to think, which memories might have cows, pigs, chickens, turkeys and other held in mass barns for slaughter animals - - -

Posted for Mrs. Nesbitts ABC Wednesday


  1. GutenAbend Mascha

    Erinnerungen können sehr schön sein, aber das sind sie leider nicht nur. Es gibt auch böse .
    Man müsste von den schlechten nur lernen und sie danach löschen können ;-)

    Allerdings möchte ich alle meine Erinnerungen nicht vergessen weil ich viel gelernt habe.

    Guten Abend noch gewünscht .

    Melody (abc-w)

  2. Oh my, such expressive old photos, mixed between this lovely artwork.

  3. Memories are amazing things. Lovely exploration!
    I explore memory in poetry at the moment with Natalia's Rise and Write linkup. http://outofthewriterscloset.blogspot.com.au/2015/08/rise-and-write-link-up-daily-writing.html
    Xo Jazzy Jack

  4. aah...memories can spark warm feelings- beautiful collages for memories!

  5. I agree about animals' memories- both of my kitties and youngest cat are rescue animals. Even though I've had Jax for quite a while, he is still wary, especially kids and unexpected sounds.

  6. I wish I never stopped writing in my journals.


  7. Errinerungen sind wichtig für was. wir heute sind geworden. Now English! I think you are a very clever lady who can express herself very well in English, even you started to learn it two years ago. Ich wünschte das mein Deutsch war so gut wie Ihre Engels

  8. We're fixing the bathroom, and finding old wallpaper underneath. The house is sharting its memories!

  9. memories are like scrap books take you back in time for the while they stay...


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