Freitag, 20. Januar 2017

Friday Five and a little orange

Good morning,
it's friday again and time for "Five on Friday" and "Willy Nilly Friday Five"
And I also share this post with "Orange You Glad it's Friday"


Today I want to share a few random pictures with orange things from my archive.
Orange is such a heartwarming color... exactly what we need in wintertime.


I've decided,that in spring I will learn to go on stilts.
I've never tried it. But: why not?
As a child I was fascinated of all, what they did in circus and I would learn that all.
Of course, my parents did not let me go with the circus.
Outside from circus nobody had stilts or did such artistics at this time.
Now I'm 57 years old, but I think, for learning go on stilts isn't to late.
Well, we'll see -
Cannot wait, the winter goes over. 


Yesterday was "Table day" and I got some foods for free.
Always a reason for gratitude and my biggest joy for this one is a very yummy bread.
You cannot choose, must take, what they give 
and bread is there is very different sorts and qualities.


Finally we found the reason of my pc-problems of last time.
It was the very old extern card reader.
As I used it again, all the problems came back.
Maybe a driver problem, but we could not find an actually driver for it.
Now I took it away.
Must buy a new, to translate the photos from the camera to the pc.


At last a beautiful warm voice. The Russian singer Valentina Levko.
I heard her live in two wonderful concerts a long time before.

An old Russian folk song "Girl's sadness"

And a song from Sovjet era "Ways", live in concert

Have a warm and cozy weekend.


  1. What gorgeous photos. I feel warmer already. Hope you get to walk on those stilts :) B x

  2. That's just what we needed, I'm nice and cosy now! So beautiful against the black background. Good luck with the stilts.

  3. Hope you get to realise your dream and learn to walk on stilts. Beautiful photos.

  4. Mascha, thanks for brightening my day!

  5. I'm listening to the music right now . . . beautiful.
    Those flowers really speak LIFE!!! I really like the "itsy bitsy spider" inside one . . . (that is a favorite story time song for little people.

    Bet you have lots of fun on stilts . .
    i like the idea of "Table Day."
    love & love,

  6. Beautiful music. Orange does make the dreary/cloudy day seem brighter. Wonderful images and I can't wait until you try those stilts! Happy Friday!

  7. Such beautiful photos! I have to admit I don't really like the colour orange but your photos make it a stunning colour. I hope you get to walk on stilts!

    Happy Five on Friday!

  8. I love orange one of my favourite colour... Have a nice weekend

  9. We made tin can stilts when we were kids. You'd get 2 cans, put holes through the sides to put a rope or string, hold the string, step up on the cans and walk.

  10. What a beautiful collection of orange photos! I hope that you enjoy the stilt walking, that is very adventurous!

  11. beautiful pictures...

    Please visit:

  12. Amazing orange photos Mascha! Wow that tulip! Have a lovely weekend.

  13. Stilts! You're a brave woman! Love those orange roses in the first photo. Have a wonderful weekend.

  14. Beautiful, warm photos. I particularly love the tulips. Good luck with the stilts, I'm sure you will have lots of fun learning to use them.

  15. Good luck on trying stilts, Mascha! I like your touches of orange today. My best friend passed away several years ago and his favourite colour was orange. It's a happy, warm colour.

    Enjoy your weekend,

  16. Love your orange photos. Thanks for joining OYGIF! One of your photos will be featured this weekend. Hope you could drop by.

  17. Such beautiful images of orange Mascha! When I was a kid my grandpa made me a pair of stilts...I did pretty good on them! Thank you for linking and I hope your week has been going well!


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