Montag, 2. Januar 2017

My father believed

A 70ies song from Hungary 
(what have I loved it... and I've saved the same vinyl until today)

Zorán - "Apám hitte"

My father believed
My father believed in the warmth of hearth,
My father believed in the joy of celebration,
My father believed in patrimony,
And I think, it was nice so.

My father believed in the first night,
My father believed in the wedding ring,
My father believed in the truth of words,
And I think, it was nice so.

...And I think, It was nice so.

My father believed in heroic deeds,
My father believed in wisdom,
My father believed in poetry,
And I think, it was nice so.


My father believed in newscast,
My father believed Chaplin's sorrow,
My father believed the direction of the rivers,
And I think, it is right so.

..I think, it is right so.


I believe in a few nice things too,
I believe in the song, the song, the song.
And I believe in the cacophony of the city,
And I believe in it, and myself.
And I believe in microstriae,
And I believe in the expanding world.
And I believe in laser beam,
And I believe in the turn of the millennium.
And I believe in quadrophony,
And I believe in the death of weapons.
And I believe in river and bridge,
And I believe, believe, believe in my father.

(I found the English translation in the web, I don't speak Hungarian) 

Shared with Foto Tunes , image-in-ing 
Paint Party Friday


  1. absolutely beautiful and inspirational post that touched my heart in deep!
    i loved these AMAZING photos too really are something beyond wonderful .
    happy new year!

  2. Mashca, what gorgeous images to accompany this haunting song. Your creativity takes my breath away. Thanks for sharing this week, I hope to have you back again.

  3. Beautiful photos and I love the lyrics!

  4. Beautiful photo collages, how did you accomplish the torn photo look?

    1. That all is paperwork, no digital (have scanned the finished sheets), I really tear them.

  5. Such a wonderful post, and your creativity never ceases to impress.
    Thanks for sharing at, and have a wonderful year in 2017

  6. Oh Masha I love this! Happy New Year!

  7. Beautiful inspirational post, Mascha! love the mix of life and nature aspects from your paperwork! your creativity is amazing, as always! Happy New Year to you! Greetings from Bucharest! Alexa

  8. Beautiful words and photos.
    You are so clever Mascha !!!
    Happy New Year to you from me <3

  9. Luv the video and the art. what lovely inspiring words your poem bears!!!
    happy PPF and Best Wishes for this New Year

    much love...

  10. This is a touching and powerful post. From the art to the photos to the song. Thank you.

  11. Love your beautiful collage art. Thank you for great lyrics and music.
    Happy weekend ♥

  12. Beautiful collages...and words..a very nice start to the year!! Happy New year filled with more creativity, peace and love!

    Hugs Giggles

  13. I love those. I have just never gotten brave enough to tear things apart to put back together again. Maybe one day soon I will try it. I love yours.


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