Mittwoch, 6. Dezember 2017


I'll always be grateful to you who taught me this:
we are the ones who make this place home.

- storypeople -



  1. ...such creatativity Mascha, delighting!

  2. I love the photo of you and your cat, and the color & style of your outfit too.
    That Stalin book is just released in Finland & in Finnish. Don't know if they are going to translate it in any language.

  3. I thought of you because there is an exhibition about Dada in Paris where we see many collages of Hannah Hoch

  4. Thank you Masha for sharing your mail story - I know the hardships from my son who worked as a mail deliverer when he started working Holland (he spoke only English but convinced the lady at the social security office that he could read names, and could read maps for the addresses:)) - it's so hard in rain and snow in winter!
    You have impeccable taste in clothes, and love the wraps!

  5. Super zestawienie zdjęć. Dziękuję za udział w wyzwaniu Art - Piaskownicy :)

  6. Cudne:) dziękuję za udział w wyzwaniu Art-Piaskownicy.


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