Samstag, 9. Dezember 2017

Trying to paint again

A very long time ago, almost wo decades, I've painted big abstrakt
 acrylic pictures on wood.
But than happened a lot of bad things in my life
 and most of these paintings are lost or destroyed... and I'm unleared to paint.
Lost my personal style. Never more tried...never could.

I never was a friend of watercolors or colorpencils, seems me to pale.
 I was always a woman of big formats and intensebright colors.
 A very long time ago.
My life is no more the same and the biggest problem is just to have a few
 free hours in one piece, without breaking and disruption.
 I cannot begin a big picture, when I know, that I must go away after one hour...
So I made only paper collages in last years. 
That I can break, whenever it must be and to begin it again is easy.

Never tried to draw on book sheets before - I grew up with a high regard 
for books and there is some overcoming for me to do what is popular today.
Finally I found an old destroyed book with loose leaves and I've just done it. 
Draw at them.

But which colors should I use?
 Thried this and that, but it wasn't the right... and than I found my nailpolish.
Have such a lot of nailpolish, the most I got for free in a shop, 
what was open the last day - the colors were so beautiful and I took a lot.
But never used: the colors don't fit with my skin tone or my clothing... 
and I'm so much working with my hands,
 that I cannot save the polish more than one day. Or only a few hours...
Well, let's try to paint with them!

First try with nailpolish, but it isn't really good. I don't like it.
Well, let me use it only partial.

Now I bought watercolors and the second try is a little better.
The white wings aren't good, they are to white!
At first I took white watercolor, but it wasn't really white and I tried white acrylic paint.
Must make that still better, but I think, that could be a way.
Let me try again. 

What you don't see in the photo: some colors are mat and others are shiny.
That's the special effect ;-)

Written for Weekend Journal Page by Jesh St.Germain
and Paint Party Friday

If you miss my collage-stories, they are here 


  1. Mascha you linked it in the RIGHT post (on top it says : Weekend Journal Page, (dated Dec.8):):) It's almost 2 o'clock at night, so am first going to sleep before I lookat your post - just wanted you not to wonder. Thanks so much for your contribution!

  2. Wie schön, dass du dich wieder traust... Der musizierende Engel hat eine solche Ausstrahlung... Liebe Grüße Ghislana

  3. Hallo Mascha,
    das finde ich klasse, dass du wieder anfängst zu malen.
    Ich finde die Idee mit dem Nagellack ja sehr originell. .. da muss man erst mal drauf kommen.
    Jedenfalls hast du einen ansprechenden Start mit den Engeln hingelegt.
    Die zarten Drei auf den Buchseiten finde ich sehr schön .
    Ich mag das, wenn man auf Buchseiten malt.
    Allerdings habe ich noch kein eigenes buch zerrupft, ich habe meine Unterlagen von meiner Tochter ergattert ;-)
    Also weiter so, ich warte auf mehr Gemälde !
    Mach dir morgen einen schönen Adventssonntag.
    liebe Grüße

  4. This is such a good beginning, Mascha! I like that you used the nail polish as a medium. The effects must be unusual! Before I was minimal in color, but now I lean toward saturated colors (use a lot of dark red and ultramarine blue).
    And all the try-outs, wonderings and questions you have are normal. Of course, when you have made some large works before, you are not satisfied. Maybe see it as "as new day"? Who knows, after your 20 year break, your painting will lead you in another direction...
    actually I also had a 25 year break/hiatus from all art. what helped me was to try out watercolor for a few years (which I had never done before, and now I regularly paint in oil, I use watercolor seldom)- but it helped me to come back, to regularly doing art. That was in the beginning of the nineties.
    Your "process" is exciting. It's exactly why I wanted to start the Weekend Journal Page. Most "professionals" would like to try hide this part, but all who do art, know that this is the part that is an important part of our artistic journey.

  5. Was für ein anrührenderEngel, dieser letzte!
    Einen schönen Sonntag!

  6.'s too sad that you lost those paintings as acrylic on woods look awesome. I loved your drawings -- you are a great artist. Huh! who knew nailpolish could be used as painting. I liked that nail-polish painting actually.

  7. Hallo, Mascha, über Jutta habe ich Deinen Blog gefunden. Ich möchte Jutta Kommentar voll unterschreiben. Die Engel können Dir helfen, Deine Malerischen Talente wieder hervorzubringen. Viele Grüße von Dorothea aus dem Bayerischen Wald.

  8. I love angels....yours convey warm and gentle feelings!
    I have an artist friend who uses old books in this way.He begins by preparing the pages with a ground of white paint.It's interesting to see how the words and art often connect.
    Best wishes,

  9. I have made cards with nail polish. It has a unique effect.
    I love how the white wings stand out and make the page look old.
    I wish you well in this new journey!
    xo Jazzy Jack

  10. your angel is lovely, and thank you for sharing your experiments with us all. Happy PPF!

  11. Gorgeous angel, such a beautiful and spiritual feeling, truly wonderful work. So lovely to see your whole process! Fantastic!

  12. you have such talent, Mascha. Don't give up... make time for what brings you joy.

  13. Keep at it happy to see your paint pieces


  14. I love your paper collages, but you absolutely HAVE to be adding painting to your work. You definitely have talent. Interesting trying the nail polish, but you are getting good colors with the watercolor. Your drawing is lovely!

  15. Years ago I bought a book recommended to me by a friend. It turned out to be awful, the more I read the worse it was. SO, it became my sketch/doodle book so I could cover up all of the horrible words. I haven't used much color but it is a favorite now. I like what you are doing with the color and will have to try some. Your angel is beautiful. Happy PPF

  16. I love this post!! I have tossed nail polish that I later thought would be a great medium for art!! I too have had trouble ripping a page from any book. I feel the same high regard for all books!! Also I like to paint alone for big chunks of time. So I understand how you'd not want to leave your canvas. These paintings are so pretty! Can't wait to see more from you.. I hope these new paintings are cathartic and help you find your style again!

    Peace Giggles

  17. I enjoyed your process. . .so many times we got through different avenues in art, but it is the adventure that will bring us to a new day. Blessings, Janet


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