Sonntag, 1. Mai 2016

Friday's Hunt at the end of sunday ...

Joining with Teresa's Friday's Hunt

Sorry, I'm late ... but now I have a silent hour to make a post.
All photos are from my archive, I haven't made new pictures.

Starting with "R" - that is for red roofs or rusty things

... or round (my bicycle)

Weeks favorite is my scarf, here was still cold last week

It has a nice texture.
Other textures:

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  1. Beautiful scarf, actually today is the first day which looks a bit like summer, at last no scarf needed.

  2. I think spring is comming !!

    Wish you nice days in May.

  3. Everybody needs a break now and then. Rest, relax and find your sleep Mascha ♥ We don't disappear.

  4. Glad you made it this week as all your shots are fabulous for the meme and illustrating the words

  5. Beautiful series of images. I love the red roof. Your scarf looks lovely; although, I hope you get to put it away soon. Thank you so much for taking the time to join Friday's Hunt. I always enjoy your beautiful photography.