Freitag, 29. Juli 2016

Friday Five, light and shadow...

Good morning,

it's Friday - time for Five on Friday and Willy Nilly Friday Five


These animals made my grandfather. The cat is a museum replica of an Egyptian cat,
 the dog he often saw from the window on the backyard of his workshop.
He made a model of wax and then a mold for brass casting. They are unique.
I don't own them, but I could make these photos some time ago.
He was a goldsmith, made finest jewelery (granulated), coined commemorative,
 made large friction work and foundry.
Here I 've written some memories about him.

Sometimes (but early) me encounter his works in web-auctions or galleries ,
 because the clients are dead since a long time and someone sells this jewelry. Things, what I never saw before ... and in some churches there are tabernacle, crucifixes and chalices from his workshop.

When I knew him, he was retired, but he has worked until recently, 
he died in 1987 with almost 94 years. His work was his passion.

I have most loved him from the family, because we were essentially related.
As a child I stand many hours next to his working bench and watched his work.
Sometimes he tells me something, but mostly he did not want to be disturbed.
I saw many beautiful things occur, it often took weeks, and he often said: when you grow up, you'll wear this jewelry.
All my life I've waited for this moment...

The truth is that I have never worn these things, I have never seen them again!
After his death, mother that all assumed and kept it under wraps.
I often I have wished, I could wear a piece of jewelry to an especially cause and then give back - that would have been vivid memory of him.

But she kept everything closed from me and I have never seen since childhood 
all these wonderful things.
And she just said: you get that soon enough!

And now she gave all away to a museum.
I could not look at and I only saw two big boxes full of wrapped parcels.
I can understand their intention, that things are preserved for eternity, 
but I have so very wished to wear something of them.
Now I'll never ... she has completely given away all things!

We always had a very simple, modest life, not to say: a poor life.
We never had a car, could not travel, gave up very much, sometimes as children no food.
My today's life is similar again.
Living from one day to the next, often worries, waiver for obvious and needed things, no safety, no reserves. Always  count every cent and need all creativity for a working daily life.
If there ever was in our family a kind of wealth, something valuable, then it was this treasure - my grandfathers work. Such a big and wonderful treasure!
And now that all is lost for us, she gave it away (for nothing).
And  I never will see all these things - 

I can only hope they show it publicly in the museum, 
as most things they store in magazin...


Remembering like I as a child so often pressed my nose against the window of shops and yet never got all the beautiful or sweet things ... I payed
 the last Euro of this month for these donuts.
They were lowered, I could not resist! Normally I don't buy such things.
I ate pink donuts yesterday at first time and they are so delicious!


The last two books, what I've read.
"Four to score" of Janet Evanovich (what a trash, but I've enjoyed it!)
and "The fifth word" by the German artist Gottfried John.
It's a very good book, but I think, it's not translated.


A selfie with our friend (middle) in the forest.
We wanted to go to a lake for a swim, but the water came right from the top.
And because of thunderstorms we turned back. Well, that's life...
I hope we can go again - I very wish I could one time in every summer
 swim in the lake (mostly it's not possible for me)
It's always difficult to find time together, I am often very clamped for mom....


Some impressions of the renovated home, the decoration is still a work in progress.

I say Good bye with an Lithuan Folk song
(I don't understand the words, but it sounds so beautiful for me)

Have a nice weekend.


  1. Perhaps the museum would allow you to photograph your Grandfather's things and you could have the pictures on your wall, not quite the same but it would give you the memories. Those pink doughnuts look too pretty to eat! Have a good week.

  2. I really hope that one day you will have the chance to wear one of your grandfather's pieces of jewellery. Thank you for telling us about him.

  3. The cats are amazing! I love your Stilleben with that pale blue chair. Enjoy your weekend!

  4. Mascha, so many delights...the iris, your grandfather wonderful creations (now I know where your artistic talents come from) and this the beautiful images go on and on. Often understanding music isn't as important as feeling it.

  5. You have shared such special memories of your dear grandfather. I do hope you can view these items that you've longed for. Your new home decor is so lovely. And, I enjoyed the music you shared. Take care dear friend. Pat xx

  6. oh mascha, your grandfather's work is wonderful and i enjoyed your memories of him! love the selfie of you and friends and your house looks beautiful as always...i would love one of those donuts right now! you can come link up to willy nilly when you get time, it is ready now...i had forgotten today was friday! have a great weekend mascha!

  7. Die Katzen sind wunderschön! Maybe one day a piece of your grandfather's jewellery will find its way to you. Keeping my fingers crossed. Happy Friday, Mascha.

  8. I enjoyed reading about how you watched your grandfather creating his beautiful art. It is very sad that you don't have a piece of his jewelry. I hope that one day you might. The donuts look like a delicious treat.

  9. What beautiful work your Grandfather did, you were lucky to be so close to him. It is a shame what your Mother has done, sad.

  10. So sad not to have access to your grandfather's creations. I hope at some point you have the chance to acquire something he made. I love the decorations in your home! We are forever remodeling... I would love to have my house completely settled. Have a wonderful weekend :)

  11. What a beautiful and poignant post this is. While the thought of everyone being able to appreciate your grandfather's work in a museum is a good one, it would be nice if you, as a grandchild, had been left with some piece of his work. Families are sometimes hard to understand.

  12. A beautiful post and tribute to your grandfather. I would have been nice for you to have a piece of your Grandfather's work. Love the pink donuts ... look too pretty to eat! Your home is lovely ... and I've found that decorating is never complete! Have a wonderful weekend.

  13. I, too, like this music. Is the instrument in the background a balalaika? I've never heard one.

    I'm so sorry about your grandfather's jewelry. I don't understand your mother's reasoning.

    1. It must be a Kantele, similiar to a harp or Zither (one puts the stringed instrument on the table to play). Balalaika have the Russians, not the Lithuans, I think. And today they make that all electric.

  14. I hope you enjoyed every bite of the pink donuts! & hopefully soon you can swim in the lake!

  15. So very sad that you don't have any of your grandfathers work, that is a real shame isn't it. I hope that you enjoyed the doughnuts they look delicious, a lovely treat for you. Thank you too for joining Five On Friday. I hope that you have a great August and I look forward to seeing you again in September! xx


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