Freitag, 2. September 2016

Friday Five and beginning september

Good morning,
it's the first friday in september and time for Amy's Five on Friday
 and Tanya's Willy Nilly Friday Five.
Last weeks weren't easy and I had not time for blogging, 
but today I make a short comeback for these lovely memes.
 I've very miss them... 

And I want to say thanks to all who visited me and sent me good wishes.


It's september now, my loveliest time of the year.
Still summer and a little autumn.
I like this especially light, sun through the dust in the mornings...
and warm days to enjoy the summertime, knowing, it ends so fast -


This little public swimming pool is nearby my home.
When I'm in the garden, I often hear the noise... and I never would go to a place with so many people, making such big noise. That I had ever thought...
But just now I figured out, that in the mornings, after the school holidays here ist a famous quiet place for swimming and relaingx in the water.
Every morning I take one hour to come here for a swim and that feels so good!
I have some orthopedic problems and many pain every day.
Always pain by going... but not by swimming.
When I swam 1000 meters, I'm a little tired, but without pain, thats a miracle for me.
I had not often in my life the opportunity to swim in a lake or sea, 
but now I found this pool.
I'm so happy and grateful for this late summer joy.
There are great old trees too - a very lovely place, newly discovered.

(It's my bag under the tree)


Outfit of the week:
some vintage pieces in my beloved blue.
(I'm linking up this with Shelbees On the Edge of the Week )


A still life in matching colors, just for fun...


The hooter is working again, hooray!
My cat is not amused, because it makes a big noise, 
but it seems, that some cats like it

Have a nice weekend, enjoy september :-)

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  1. What a fantastic anemone & misty forest. Nice to hear from you Mascha!

  2. Love the photo with the trees and sunlight. Glad you have found some late summer joy with the swimming pool and I LOVE your blue shawl x

  3. Wunderbar, wie du auf den September einstimmst. Die morgendliche Ruhe dieses Pools und der Bäume dabei entdeckt zu haben, das freut mich sehr, besonders für dich. So gleich in der Nähe ist das ein Geschenk, wie ich aus eigener Erfahrung weiß. Die Jahre, in denen ich hier morgens von April bis Oktober in den See zum Morgenschwimmen ging, sind unvergessen. Leider kann ich zz. nur in Begleitung schwimmen gehen, also nur am Wochenende, wenn der Gefährte da ist... Dein Wochen-Outfit finde ich wunderschön. Es passt so gut zu dir! Septemberlicht, wunderbar ist das. Lieben Gruß Ghislana

  4. So glad you're enjoying the swimming pool and that it is helping you. Such beautiful photos.

  5. Very nice photos.
    It is difficult to live with chronic pain
    so it's nice to read that you do not have pain when swimming.

    I wish you good days in September.
    Hugs from Anne-Mari

    1. Thank you for your nice comments and
      especial for the poem.

    2. Thank you for your nice comments and
      especial for the poem.

  6. I try to swim twice a week to help my spinal problems, so I know what you mean about how much it helps. I'm pleased you found a quiet spot to swim.

  7. What a delightful series and of course it's wonderful to see you back. The sun filtering through the trees is magical and who would think that a plate of onions could become art. Take care Mascha and I will look forward to your return.

  8. i am glad you found the pool and it helps with your husband has a bad back and finds swimming helps it a lot...i enjoyed all your pictures mascha and you look pretty in blue! have a wonderful weekend and thank you for linking!

  9. I think the light in September is magical -- just like your photo. So happy to hear you are able to use the pool and that it helps you. I love blue, too and so nice to see you! Gorgeous necklace. Welcome back!

  10. Hi Mascha, your photography is so beautiful! I love the one of the trees and the mist. So happy to hear that you are enjoying the swimming. And, your outfit is perfect; I love long skirts, too. I wish you a wonderful day dear one, Pat xx

  11. I don't like crowded, noisy places either. How wonderful that you can go early and have it quiet. Glad it's helping your pain. Love the statue and what a stunning necklace!!!

  12. I enjoyed watching the cat enjoying being vacuumed! Amazing! It is wonderful you have found a pool to swim in. I have been trying to swim three hours a week and I find that it helps me feel better when I do, also. Your first photo is especially beautiful! Thanks for posting, Mascha.

  13. Mascha, this outfit is beautiful! I love the vest and that necklace is supremely fabulous! I am so glad that you found a quiet activity which gives you pain relief. I was an avid swimmer myself way long ago and I always found such solace alone with my thoughts as I swam my laps. Thanks for linking up with me. I hope to see you again! Have a beautiful weekend!


  14. Beautiful scenery in your part of the world. I like the photos of you posing. Always lovely to see the host of the blog.

  15. I'm so happy you found that pool. Swimming is so theraputic and does not put stress on joints.

    Your sandals fascinate me. I've never seen any quite like them. And, as usual, your photography skills amaze me.

    1. My sandals are "Birkenstock", a pure relaxation for feets. Wear them since decades, but in this year they are in fashion - finally I'm up to date ;-)

  16. So lovely to hear from you! I hope that you have a good September, this post looks like a good start to it. Thank you for joining in, have a great weekend! xx

  17. Love your "outfit of the week" is my absolute favorite! Love the photos of you with the statue. Really wonderful! The shots of the flower and of the light coming through the trees...just gorgeous! My hubby and I took water therapy for a while and it really helped our aches and pains as well. It's a great way to get some exercise when you can't do the more strenuous stuff.

  18. Beautiful photos, but that first one is stunning. I love to see light coming through trees, especially the atmospheric mornings of Autumn. Have a wonderful weekend. xx

  19. The anemone photo is stunning! Swimming is such good exercise, and I find it so enjoyable to be suspended in the water. Your blue outfit is so pretty - my favourite colour! Have a great weekend.

  20. I have plantar fasciitis, for the second time, and I would love to be able to go to our local pool now that the kids are in school, but they've closed it for the season. I love the colorful clothes!

    Cindy Bee

  21. That giant tree is impressive!an I love that blue skirt:) Most favorite of all is I think the black and white rendition! We have something in common, I love different onions! Last week found a cornbread with a sweet (Vadalia) onion in it. Many thanks for sharing this post with much variety for SEASONS this week! Wishing you a happy week, Mascha!

  22. Gorgeous photos! I love all the purples. The flower is amazing and your outfit looks great :)

  23. A lovey garden and your necklace is gorgeous! Have a great weekend!

  24. Very pretty colours and wonderful photos of the trees! Thank you so much for linking up on Wandering Camera!



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