Freitag, 24. Juni 2016

Friday Five, Solstice and other things...

Good morning,
the time is flying and it's friday again.
I'm joining with Amys Five on Friday.


We have a long rainy time, but at summer solstice came the sun and we made a nice walk through the historic landscape park in Blankenburg, a little town nearby Wernigerode, where we are living.
They have well restored this area and it's a big joy to stroll around.


I had a very big pain in this week and I hope, that was the last act of psychological violence
 from my mother against me. I hope it ends soon, what a life lasted long on.
The previous years, without contact with her, I have lived much better.
She staged all time her own misfortune and can not stand when people around her 
are living better and happier.
I forgive her and she's me just only sorry, but sometimes it's is such a monstrosity 
that very hurts me. Nothing, what I can do.


The both old big bookshelves from my father, which I just got, are fitting well in my room,
 left and right from the door.
I have not yet completed sort the books, but I take my time with it.
There will be a new order, last was 15 years ago and it got messed up a lot during the time.
Because new books found no more places in the thematic areas.


In my backyard the Deutzia begins to bloom.
The loveliest time in the year is now.
It's only sad for the roses - they are to fast down from all the rain...


A baroque castle (in Blankenburg) and a baroque music for today

Henry Purcell - "The Gordian knowd untied. 
Plays Finnish Baroque Orchestra

Enjoy your weekend.


  1. I'm sorry to hear that your relationship with your mother causes you pain. Not everyone has the perfect mother/daughter link and it's tough that people who have good relationships with their parents don't understand. Be strong. You have survived this long - you can continue. Take pleasure in other things and be kind to yourself.

  2. Guten Morgen liebe Mascha,
    wie schön, die Bücherregale deines Vater stehen und die Bücher mit ihnen.
    Ich liebe Bücher, besonders wenn es so viele sind und den Raum so gemütlich machen. Früher habe ich immer nur gelesen, jetzt fehlt mir manchmal die innere ruhe dazu.
    Dass mit dir und deiner Mutter tut mir leid, es ist traurig, wenn man machtlos ist und nichts ändern kann.
    Liebe Masche, ich lese gerade an deinen Seiten, langsam, ich brauche Zeit um auch zu begreifen.
    Deine schönen Fotos gefallen mir auch sehr, besonders die ersten 2.
    ♥lichst Jutta

  3. Sad that your relationship with your Mother is not good, stay strong. All those beautiful books must be a real pleasure for you, an amazing collection. Take care.

  4. DNA does not make a family. I've learned that the hard way. Good for you for forgiving and making space, very wise decisions.

    Your gardens are gorgeous and I'd love to browse your wonderful bookshelves. Enjoy your weekend, your gardens and books, and peace of mind.

  5. I am sorry to hear about your relationship with your mum, I can empathise, I hope you find some peace soon. The Deutzia looks beautiful! Have a lovely weekend and take care xx

  6. Lovely photographs. Sorry to hear about the relationship with your mother. I hope you find peace with it. I love your photographs. Your room of books look like somewhere I could spend hours - sitting with that beautiful cup filled with tea.

    Have a great weekend

  7. Lovely photos of your flowers and books. So sorry to hear that your relationship with your mother is such a troubled one. I hope you find peace and solace with your books and garden.

  8. My mother and I had a toxic relationship. It is difficult. I learned to build my own family. One of your posters said DNA does not make a family ... Amen. Your images are lovely ... especially the walk. You need more books! The book shelves look great. Love the cup. Peace to you......

  9. My mother and I have a very difficult relationship as well. I have found the best way to get past it is to remember everyone is human and she makes a lot of mistakes. Plus, we are who we are because of our experiences, good and bad. Hang in there and know your relationship does not define you! Love your book shelves. Enjoy your week.

  10. so much to enjoy here Mascha, beautiful flowers, colorful books and lovely windows.

  11. Ohhhh that walkway! it is so appealing. makes me want to stroll a while.

  12. You live in such a wonderful area with such a lovely garden. Hopefully some of the peace from these things will creep into your life during this difficult time.

  13. Families can bring us such joy and pain. Sorry to hear that you're receiving the pain and no joy.
    Love Henry Purcell, I play his music on the piano frequently.

  14. Sehr schöne Fotos sind das. Und deine Bücherborde sehen so schön und gemütlich aus.
    Ich wünsche dir noch frohes sortieren und ein schönes Wochenende
    LG susa

  15. Sorry to hear that your mother has not changed her ways. Pretty flower shots. Perhaps wit is time to go back to the no contact policy.

  16. Sorry to hear that your mother has not changed her ways. Pretty flower shots. Perhaps wit is time to go back to the no contact policy.

  17. Your books are nearly organised, hooray! Such lovely photos as always :-)

  18. Reading about your relationship with your mother reminds me of my own memories.
    Sometimes I think I would have done everything to be able to talk to my Mum again, but it's too late because she is no more with us and it is sad.

  19. I'm very sorry about your difficult relationship with your mother. It's a true heartache.

    Arranging bookcases can be most enjoyable. Your visit to Blankenberg looks lovely - the colors along the pathway are very pretty.

  20. Mascha, thank you for the lovely music in this post that is playing as I type to you. I am enjoying it so much! It is a joy to see the pretty flowers around you and the great collection of books. I am sorry for the pain you know in your relationship with your mother, and pray that the Lord will comfort you and bring His peace and love to you and yours.

  21. I LOVE books. Your collection makes me green with envy. They're all so fresh and new. Most of my collection came from library book sales, so obviously very used. Oh, well. The words are the same. I'm happy to have them.

    I hope you can find peace with your mother. Someday she won't be here. Please be very careful with what you say to her - nothing for which you'll feel guilty once she's gone. I'm only thinking of you. Guilt is a terrible thing.

    1. Most of my books are from library sale too. They get many fresh new books as a gift from the people (often they are unreade) and don't sort in them in the library. One time in the year they make a big flea market with all the books and you can buy old library books and many "new" books there. It's always a joy for me to find some new friends.
      I have many very old books too, from my grandfather. But they stand all in another shelf, not visible on the photos. I like my old books often more than the new. And: I've loved my grandfather, but he's dad for a long time (1987) Will write about him at another Friday Five.

    2. Guess I'm lucky. We get two sales a year in each of two counties, so four sales a year. No wonder I'm buried in words. When I lived in California, I had EIGHT big libraries, two sales each per year. That's why I have so many books - over 3,000.

  22. I am so very sorry about things with your mother. I hope you will find some peace soon. Those bookcases filled with books are stunning!

  23. I am so sorry you have been having such a difficult time with your mother, I hope that this will pass and you can move on with your own life. I am sorry to be so late visiting, we had a minor domestic drama yesterday - nothing serious in the end, all ok - but I didn't get a change to do any blogging. Thank you so much for taking part in Five On Friday, I do appreciate it! Hope you are having a great weekend!

  24. I divorced my mother 20 or so years ago. A big, but the best decision I ever made as her life was poison and I didn't need it infecting mine or my children's. Be strong, she is not living your life. The rain is ruining a lot of the beautiful flowers here too. Our Deutzias are my hubbys favourite. The bookcases are wonderful! I'd put a board across the top over the door to give it a traditional finish. :)


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