Freitag, 3. Februar 2017

Friday Five, Swiridov and Blok

Good morning,

we have just february - where's gone the time?
Today's highlights are called Willy Nilly Friday Five and Five on Friday.
Im also link up this post with All Seasons


My week was a completely everyday week. Nothing to say about.
On monday the Aid Organization for Ukraine came to pick up my clothing.
The sad matter is, that I have gained weight in the last 3 years.
Maybe it's normally by becoming older or perhaps the long time of insomnia has contributed to it (it had so much bad consequences)... this horrible time is over now,
 but I cannot lost my weight again.
That by itself is not such a big drama, but it isn't funny,
 when the clothing is two sizes to small.
I'm not a woman for frustrating diets or miracle pills 
and so I've decided to give that all away.
 It wasn't an easy decision, because I love my clothes, I handle them with care and have them usually for a long time. I like to combine the pieces again and again and complete 
them each season with a few new parts.
Well, in last weeks I've sorted out so much and I wonder by myself, 
that's such a lot of stuff... 
but may another woman in East Europe has joy to wear my clothing. 


Last Friday I show a photo with a big golden ball.
This ball symbolized the sun and is the begin of a "Planet Way" through our town.
The planets are represented on a scale of 1: 1 000 000 and the length of the path corresponds to their distance from the sun.

Here someone has made a short video without words from all stations.
(I don't know the young people in the video)


That building in the background  is the Freemason lodge.
In time of GDR the Freemasons were forbidden and the building was used as a public cultural center (it was good!), but now they are active again 
and got their lodge-building back.


Last friday I linked up a valtz by Georgi Swiridow.
Today here's a beautiful song of him: "Morning in Moscow".
The lyrics are written by Alexandr Blok, a poet of Russian Silver age and symbolism.
Here is a little about A. Blok in English.

The song was composed in the middle of 70ies, I remember 
the first performance at Radio Moscow.
It was in a radiofeature about new composed songs and it was sung
 by the composer G. Swiridow himself.
I cannot find this especially recording in the web.
Only a video, were G. Sviridov sit at the royal, accompanging Jelena Obraszova.

Упоительно встать в ранний час,
Легкий след на песке увидать.
Упоительно вспомнить тебя,
Что со мною ты, прелесть моя.

Я люблю тебя, панна моя,
Беззаботная юность моя,
И прозрачная свежесть Кремля
В это утро, как прелесть твоя.

Я люблю тебя, панна моя,
Беззаботная юность моя,
И прозрачная свежесть Кремля
В это утро, как прелесть твоя.


Delightful to get up at an early hour,
Light footprint on the sand to see.
Delightful to remember you,
Like you with me, my darling.

I love you, my gentlewoman,
Like the carefree youth my,
And the clear freshness over Kremlin
In this morning, like your gracefulness.

I love you, my gentlewoman,
Like the carefree youth my,
And the clear freshness over Kremlin
In this morning, like your gracefulness.


When I hear this song, I think of the mornings in Moscow 
which I have experienced a very long time ago (1974 and 76).
Remember the big river, light snow,  the dust over the city and the expanse of it.
Today's Moscow my be some different,  but for me this short clear composition has
exactly captured the mood, the magic and the pathos of Moscow at this time.
I always enjoy the sound of Russian language, and it's very interesting for me
 to hear and feel, like different sounds another languages.
Here and here are two poems by A. Blok, reading in English
 and here is one, reading in Spain.

Well, that's enough for this friday.
Have a wonderful poetically weekend.


  1. Respect for your sorting out - I had to do that too! Beautiful photos have a great weekend!

  2. I'm sure there will be a lot of women who will really enjoy all your clothes, it is great to be able to buy colours and styles that are not currently in the shops. Niw you gave soace for a few more things.

  3. I too have begun to sort out my clothes to give to others, I fear we live in a society where too many have too much and way too many have not enough.

  4. My goodness you've really had a big clear out, well done. I try and declutter by getting rid of at least 5 things each day, I admire your commitment! Your white hyacinth is stunning. Schones wochenende

  5. So kind of you to donate the clothes. Well done! Beautiful hyacinth. Fun way to study the planets! Happy Friday!

  6. Wow - this lady has a Great Voice . . . she surprised me with the very first note.

    Thank you for explaining the sun. We have those same signs along Delmar - the Tuesday Street where i do story time.

    Sometimes I take bundles to give to others who might enjoy - I know people going to treasure your gift.

    love & love,

  7. I'm so proud of you that you had the courage to just gather up and pass on the clothes you no longer wear. Perhaps I'll do that when I get to closet clearing. I don't know if I'm as brave as you, but I'll make an effort. Thank you for being a good example.

  8. Hello Mascha, I enjoyed reading your five. I, too, have put on weight that just doesn't want to go away. It's time for me to clear out my closets. I am Russian but was born in the United States. Most of my Russian I heard in church and home growing up. That Planet way is very interesting. Hope you have a good weekend. ~ The Happy Wonderer (Five on Friday)

  9. Gained weight? Haven't we all.

  10. Someone will sure appreciate all your clothes! It's good of you to donate them.

  11. My goodness you had a lot of clothes to give away. I should do that with stuff I have in my closet that I haven't worn in years. - Interesting about the Planet Way. Pretty white snow flowers. Sometimes an ordinary week is a good thing.

  12. How good of you to make a donation of your clothes that are no longer suitable for you, I am sure they will be well appreciated by someone else. Hope you can enjoy finding some new ones that are right for you!

  13. I've put on weight as I've grown older too, but I blame it on all the medications I take.

  14. Giving away clothes that you love will be appreciated by someone else. Good for you. Your memories of Russia are beautifully expressed. The planet display would be an interesting thing to see. Have a great weekend.

  15. Well the good news is you will feel lighter in the knowledge that your clothes have gone to a good home. I'm sure someone will be thrilled with them!
    Wren x

  16. ok, this is working now, ha my other comment didn't show up! anyways, i am impressed by how much you were able to give away...i tend to hang on to things hoping i will fit back into them will make some women very happy! love the planets, what a neat idea! thank you for linking mascha, have a great weekend :)

  17. Sorry, Mascha, I feel your sadness having to put your clothes away:( Yes, they say that one of the reasons for weight gain could be insomnia! The captures of the white flowers at beginning and end are stunning!!
    Thank you for sharing the Planet Way with ALL SEASONS - very interesting and unusual! Hope you have a lovely week:)

  18. Endlich komme ich mal wieder vorbei, und bleibe bei diesem Post mit den vielen Eindrücken hängen …

    Ja, Kleidung. Ich habe viel zu viel - teilweise sogar noch aus meiner Abi- & Studienzeit. Viel davon hängt bei meiner Mutter, da ich viele Dinge noch mag, auch wenn ich nicht mehr reinpasse. Aber den Jojo-Effekt hatte ich schon viel zu oft … Und da ich mich so gar nicht um Trends kümmere, sondern auch so gern mixe, Farben mag und zu vielen Stücken auch noch immer eine Beziehung habe, quellen die Schränke über. Auch haben mich die Berichte über die Altkleiderlüge abgeschreckt, da ja wohl viel gespendete Kleidung nach Afrika geht und dort mehr Schaden anrichtet als nützt. Und dann noch die 60 Sack 'Alt'-Kleider - teilweise noch mit Etikett, die ich bei der Haushaltsauflösung in Wolfgangs Elternhaus im November in Säcke packte. Das muß ich doch noch etwas verdauen … Aber ich sollte auch aussortieren, den Kostümchen & Blüschen zum Blaser, das bin ich nicht mehr. Solche Bürokleidung passt nicht nur größentechnisch nicht mehr zu mir. Und einen der Kleidung entsprechenden Job könnte ich nicht mehr erfüllen …
    Das wird mir gerade in diesen Tagen sehr bewusst, da wir nach fast 10 Jahren Selbstständigkeit nicht mehr so weitermachen können. Das Geschäftsziel/-modell ist veraltet und eine Neu-Orientierung muss her. Daher ist es bei mir auch zur Zeit so still.
    Und noch dazu die Maus, die nur mit 2x pro Woche Stress & Antibiotika-Spritze etwas weniger heftigen Durchfall hat. Die 3 tödlichen Katzenkrankheiten oder Giardien sind es nicht. Vielleicht doch ein Tumor oder 'nur' eine chronische Darmentzündung durch verschmutztes Trinkwasser nach dem ersten Frost im November? Zur Zeit ist das alles unklar, daher fällt es mir schwer darüber zu posten. Doch dann nun weckten die frühlingshaften Tage die Mause-Lebensgeister, aber nun kommt wieder der Frost …
    LG Silke


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