Dienstag, 12. Dezember 2017


Today I'm drinking water.
It's sparkling in the sunshine, when winter sun is coming out
(let's celebrate this moment!)

I like the sparkling fountain at my loveliest place in summer
(the princely wine terrace by the castle nearby out town)

I like the frozen water in wintertime.
Water is a famous element, we could not live without...
(but we forget that often)

I like the fresh cool rains in early spring
(as a child have celebrated to jump in the puddles)

I like the fun by the water in summertime.
Celebrating holidays and going for a swim
(and I'm so waiting of this season back again)


  1. Good morning, beautiful post, enjoyed the photos you shared-and yes water is soooo important
    Happy T Dy Kathy

  2. Cheers Mascha! Or as we say here - Skål! in Swedish - Kippis! in Finnish...
    I have celebrated water in a bit colder form for we had today a monumental amount of snow :)

  3. Welcome to T Stands For Tuesday, Mascha. So glad you could join us. Water is very important, and yes, we often forget how important it is until we don't have any clean or fresh water.

    I absolutely adore all the photos you shared with us. Each photo brought wonderful memories of my childhood, too. It's a fabulous post and we appreciate you joining us with your water for T this Tuesday. Hope you make it a habit, too!

  4. So many beautiful water-themed photos.
    Happy Tea Day,

  5. Such wonderful photos and thoughts, and the collage you created is beautiful 😁. It's nice to meet you at T Stands for Tuesday and wishing you a Happy T Day! J 😊

  6. You are drinking water in a beautifully etched glass. I enjoyed all your water photos. Glad you joined Tea Stands for Tuesday

  7. Nice to see you for T Day! Lovely post. Your photo of your water glass is wonderful and I love the others as well along with your thoughts. Happy T day!

  8. A lovely post to visit and read, the photos you shared look wonderful.
    Happy T day wishes

  9. Yes, water is wonderful. I enjoyed all the winter views in your post. Your photos make me feel like I am right there with you enjoying a glass of sparkling clear water. happy T day. hugs-erika

  10. A castle close to where I live sounds like a dream come true! Such a lovely glass for your water. Water is my favorite beverage, even though I love choices :) Happy T Tuesday!

  11. Such beautiful photos to help remind us that if this planet didn't have water we wouldn't be here........ Happpy T day! Hugs~ deb

  12. ...marvelous selection of water.

  13. Welcome to the T-party, Masha. You've shared some lovely thoughts and a wonderful collage. I hope to see more.

    Eileen xoxo


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