Freitag, 20. September 2013

Random 5 Friday

My whole life I have loved and admired birds.
I've always wanted to fly.
Who can fly is free to move to wherever he likes. Also across borders.
They played a sad role in my past in the GDR ...

Also to fly I feel loved and wanted me often.
I had it a little bit when jumping on the trampoline
It was a good trampoline for acrobats, which we had in college.
Not such a fitness thing, as they are everywhere today.
There was one, as it flew very high and all by itself - I've loved in the 2 years on the school.

 Later I collected feathers wherever I found that.
Just like that. For me to look at. For any particular purpose.
I put them in blue glasses and they glow in the light of the window.
Some birds from wood I have for decoration.

 My cat loves these springs also.
For other reasons;-)
She has a lot of very battered ...
Those who are left, I tried to photograph this week.
 Here are the pictures.

 And finally, an old Russian movie song about birds, which always return to the places where they grew up.
I admire birds for their endurance and strength to undertake such long flights.
Often I have longing for distant lands, where it is warmer in winter ...
And I like this song.
The video shows a scene from the movie "Return to Life"


  1. They do look pretty in the blue jars.

  2. GDR, I drove to Berlin a couple of times once when the wall was up and the barbed wire split the country, never been so scared in my life. There is a photo of the wall in one of my blogs. I can see why you like feathers.

  3. I enjoyed reading your post this morning. Such lovely feathers.


  4. Great feather collection Masha. I also collect feathers when I find some lovely ones and put them into a special jar. I can completely relate to your wish for freedom, having escaped Czechoslovakia. Glad we can fly away now. :)

  5. Another beautifully-written post Mascha. I collect feathers too -- usually large ones I find on the farm and some little ones that might be colorful. Thank you for sharing at Random 5 Friday my friend. xo

    1. If I had a farm I would keep peacocks ... -