Freitag, 27. September 2013

Random 5 Friday

1. Again is Friday and the week went by too fast.
It often happens not anything to write worthwhile.
I was at the dentist (that was bad!) and get physiotherapy because of my sick foot (this is painful for a long time).
The thermal heating was cleaned (which was expensive) and I went to the charity club for free food to get. But much of it was very scruffy and no longer edible. - Well, that's life.

2. If I go somewhere, I often go with the little camera and I make a photo here and there. I always try on a normal day and not very good to see something beautiful and be happy.

3. On wednesday someone made a trip by car with us. There are in the villages around old abandoned gardens and paths across the landscape with fruit trees. They are no one and you can take the fruit. I know that for a long time, but we can not do, because we have no car. It's too loose.
We were very happy about this trip, because this is very rare. I have the scenery and the evening atmosphere out there very enjoyed - finally get out and see something different!
It was just too dark to carry on many images. And the mood of a day can be difficult to capture in pictures anyway...

4. I can not complain, I live in a very nice environment and forest had very close. I can go there anytime.
But all what is several miles away, I can never reach and it is a bit boring, every day to go the same way, to see the same streets and houses. 5 decades ... - 
I wish so often to be a bird - - -
It is a very rare luck for me, once to visit beautiful places that are a little further away and I am very grateful.

5. We brought a lot of pears and apples, and this winter will have enough vitamins. This is very good. 
Because the apples from our own tree in the garden may not be stored long one.
Here these red apples taste just right aromatically at Christmas and stay all winter. 
I'm glad to finally have this.
There is a Russian variety, they are called Antonovki.


  1. Beautiful pictures of a beautiful spot. How lucky to have all that wonderful fruit.

  2. You may find your area boring at times -- we all think our own lives are -- but I do so enjoy seeing it myself for the first time. Thank you for sharing.

    1. Well, it is not always boring - I've been trying to get the best ..
      This is my philosophy of life and once was my job also: to make from by chance existing things happen for the best. I made a kind of patchwork of materials, pictures from ...

      But sometimes it's hard to never leave the radius of 4-5 miles. No way -

  3. I think we all like a change of scenery every now and then. the apple are gorgeous -- i hope they taste as wonderful as they look. lovely shots -- really like the fence!

  4. Beautiful, beautiful!
    Thank you so much.
    Happy Friday!

  5. Lots of beautiful fall color here! :). I'm glad you have your apples.

    And yes, change of scenery is good, but sometimes hard for us to get. Have a nice weekend!