Dienstag, 24. September 2013

Tell from the autumn ...

Celebrating fall colours is the challenge for this week at  Inspiration Avenue.

Until now, there is still a lot of green in my area and only the calendar shows autumn.
I took the photos in previous years.
But I want to tell something of the autumn, the time is coming soon.
The transition from yellow to green is a flowing process.
I enjoy this flow.

Often is a slight haze in the air.

The wine leaves turn red and forms a separate unit with the filigree of the railing.

More and more leaves fall down and bury the benches.

The brown blends in with the pale yellow of meadows

There are still clear days in November with bright colors in the sunlight before the mist coming ...
I love this quiet time.

Then is the fog over my house in the morning when the cat goes ...
I stay inside in the warm room and do something.

Here I have a Thanksgiving angel sewn from colorful fabrics.
But in the photos you can see it really bad.
So I do not see much of the work in my blog.
You must have to see it in original ...


  1. So good to see these autumny photos. We are still over 33ºc, and fed uo with it.
    I would love to have you amongst my Google Friend connect followers so much...

  2. Herrlich anmächelig da selber durchzuschlendern. Herbst ist sooo was Schönes.

    Alles Liebe.


  3. Must have had the same Idea today as mine is of a park as well though does not look as nice as yours

    1. I had the idea only because of "Inspiration Avenue" ... For us today, the summer is back and I'm happy about it and do not want to miss it -

  4. Wonderful photography thanks for sharing autumn in your part of the world...your angel is delightful.

  5. Gorgeous progression of fall, by the end I could almost feel the chill of winter. Many years ago I spent January in Austria so it brought me memories. Hope fall comes soon!

  6. Those are awe inspiring garden shots, and your angels are lovely. Blessings!

  7. I love the black fence and the red leaves!

  8. It will be quite some time here in Texas before we see any color change, your photos are so pretty!

  9. Wunderschoene Herbstbilder hast Du hier gezeigt! Der Herbst ist meine Lieblingsjahreszeit, und hier in Nord-Kalifornien dauert er oft bis in den Dezember hinein.