Mittwoch, 22. Juli 2015

Colors of love

She was not much in fashion, she loved the free and easy life.
No dictation, no coercion, by none.
She loved her simple useful clothes and wore them until they fell apart.
Old and faded colors...
But every time when she met a new love, she bought a new scarf.
She chose the colors in matching with the feeling.
Often the scarfs were in red tones, when she was inflamed with love.
But there were also muted tones, shy, tender.
Or dark. With stripes in it.
She has so much love in her live.
This made her rich.
Without the expectation of being loved in return, but that's why it succeeded mostly.
Sometimes she looks at the stack of scarves and each of them is a memory.
Almost as good as new.


  1. ...and she gave me some of her love! Xo Jazzy Jack

  2. Oh, I loved that. I could just feel her love, her pain, her joy, her want. Beautiful.

  3. "She has so much love in her live.
    luv these line best in today's poems;

    This made her rich.
    Without the expectation of being loved in return, but that's why it succeeded mostly."

    luv the rich hue of scarves in her memoirs

    Thanks for sharing this treat at Monday WRites this week

    much love...

  4. Beautiful poem, Mascha. I just loved the correlation of the scarves and each new love! Well done!

  5. Mascha, such a wonderful story, and thanks so much for joining in to the Wit and Wisdom meme. How fun to have a special memory of each falling in love.

  6. I'm a color addict, so I really loved the list of them, the pile. Thanks for sharing it. I sure smiled!!

  7. The ebb and flow and ebb again of love in a collection of scarves is so like life, fluid, changeable, but always steady.

  8. I see a very dark scarf - either navy or black. Is that for a lost love?


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