Montag, 16. November 2015


Ancient stones
keep the world
used as building blocks
for our homes castles
stairs and walls

on the graves
used as weapons
against the others

Jesus says
He that is without
sin among you
let him first cast
a stone at her -

I hope and pray
that it remains peaceful
in our part of the world
that stones don't fly
against refugees

they are coming
and seeking shelter
may the stone walls
protect them
and not lock them out

The word-inspiration gave me Our Beautiful World 

 Shared with  Monday WRites, image-in-ing, Wednesday Wit and Wisdom  


  1. Amen to a beautiful treatise on stones
    Have a blessed week Mascha

    much love...

  2. Mascha, so beautiful on this Monday morning. Brightened my day!

  3. Gorgeous stone work ;-) xo Jazzy Jack

  4. I want to come away with you and visit the places in your photography. Your skill at telling a story in photos is unmistakable. So glad to have found you again through Our Beautiful World.

  5. Nice series of images!
    Thank you for linking up at

  6. Great post. Beautiful shots.
    I'd love you to come over today and read my feature post for Linda Kay. I'm featuring link parties this week. The hostess with the most comments on my blog will win a prize! Come over and vote Team Linda Kay!
    Just leave a comment on my Linda Kay post!

  7. Thanks for joining in to Wednesday Wit and Wisdom!

  8. so beautiful, I too want to come with you when you are photographing! Just breath taking. Thanks for sharing with OUr beautiful world.

  9. A beautiful post, Mascha! I love the photos. Stone has always been one of my favorite materials for building. It lasts. It's beautiful! Loved your poem too.

  10. Beautiful post Mascha! Great photos of magical places and beautiful stone works, and meaningful words. Thank you for sharing these with us at OBW :)

  11. Wonderful post and wonderful photos Mascha! I loved seeing these! Thanks so much for sharing at OBW!!

  12. Such beautiful stone-themed photos. Thanks for taking me on your stone-filled journey.


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