Freitag, 27. Januar 2017

Friday Five and the beauty of winter

Good morning,
it's time again for Willy Nilly Friday Five and Five on Friday.
I'm also sharing this post with Scenic Weekends and All Seasons.


I'm glad, that I'm here today, I had many trouble with my pc again. 
On wednesday it totally break down. Nothing was still working.
Since december it stays slow and slower, two times it was normally again, but the problems always come back. Seems, the old card reader was not really the reason, we must search and search and already have checked all, but we find nothing.
Maybe it is the online-photoeditor: three times I've tried to use it and than
 begun the problems. Now, after my third visit of this site it becomes clearer, 
it's always after that. But what is it???
Have spended a lot of time with repairing works and can only hope,
 it stays working for the next days. Somehow very instabile...


Last friday I posted two songs by the Russian singer Valentina Levko.
I had searched the Largo from Xerxes of G.F. Händel and could not find it,
but I found an interview from 2016 (!) and I figured out, that she is still living. 
She has built a music school in Moscow and is still director there.
 I even know the street where it is.
She must be almost 90 years old.
That was an unexpected reunion!


Our winter has been very good with us so far. 
Some nights were -10 ° C (14°F), but during the day came the sun. 
There's a little snow, just so much to enjoy.
So I love wintertime!


The streets in town are snowfree and I can ride my bicycle.
This is the most important thing to maintain normal everyday life.
Ways are no problem for me until now.


On saturday we made a little walk and I want to share some nice winter photos.

As a bonus here is a nice waltz by Georgi Sviridow from his 
"Musical Illustrations to the Snowstorm of A. Pushkin". 
I like this musical miniature

Have a wonderful weekend


  1. Your winter is beautiful indeed Mascha! Have a nice weekend.

  2. Beautiful Winter photos, everywhere looks so wonderful in the sun.

  3. I love to see the photos but I hate the weather itself. I'm glad your cycle routes are snow free.

  4. beautiful winter scenes mascha! i am happy your streets are clear so you can ride you bike where you need to go...sorry about the computer problems, that is never fun! hope it works itself out! have a great weekend and thank you for linking :)

  5. Mascha, you have so many wonderful scenes for us today, as you have discovered I've traded snow for sand. I hope that you find the problem with your computer, have a wonderful weekend.

  6. Lovely photos. I've been really trying to see the beauty in winter this year. It isn't my favourite season. I have found beauty including lovely ice covered beaches on walks. Gives me hope!

    Happy Five on Friday

  7. We've also had a mild winter with some snow this week!

    I hope you can stop by:


  8. beautiful Music bringing extra your winter photos alive for us. Thank you.

    That is One HUGE Ball along the walkway.

    You inspire me. I'm glad you looked up last weeks vocalist . . .
    and Grateful you carry your camera . . . I haven't taken mine out for weeks.

    Your computer . . I hope it is inspired to keep you connected.
    happy winter to you!

  9. Beautiful snowy pictures. I love to see pictures of snow but I am not very keen on the reality if it. Have a good week.

  10. Beautiful winter photos and I especially love the one where the footprints are left behind by the tiny figure who made them as he disappears into the background...lovely~


  11. nice winter but now i want spring

  12. Your winter walk was just lovely. It's always nice when the sun comes out. I'm not a fan of snow but I do admit it looks pretty. - I'm glad you were able to ride your bike and the music at the end was so pleasant to listen to.

  13. Gosh you have a lot of snow! Your photos are very beautiful indeed. It has been very cold here too - often well below freezing - but we don't get much snow, just the cold!

  14. What fun! I loved the photos as much as the music. That would be great music to clean house by. Would definitely keep me moving.

    Hope your computer sheds its gremlins.

  15. Your snow pictures are lovely and that's how I like my snow, in pictures. Computers can be so frustrating! Mine is fairly new, but I don't like it nearly as well as the one it replaced and it's the same brand.

  16. Thank you for sharing the photos from your winter walk. Snow is so pretty. I enjoy the way it brightens up a winter landscape. Without it, everything would be rather dreary. Hope you get your computer problems fixed.

  17. Am happy for you that they cleared the road, so you can ride your bike! Wow, can imagine you were happy to find the information of Valentina Levko!! And beautiful snow captures Masha - I can tell you like snow (smile) - thank you so much for sharing them with us at ALL SEASONS! Have a stunningly snowy week:)

  18. Lovely Winter images, Masha! It looks so pretty with the sun. Here all snow is gone by now.

  19. Such beautiful lighting on these delightful snowy scenes. Love the scene of the man and dog and mountains in the background.


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