Freitag, 13. Januar 2017

Friday Five and blue again

Good morning,
it's the second friday in this year and time for
Willy Nilly Friday Five and Five on Friday.
And I also share this post with All Seasons and Blue Monday.


I've decided, that's time for a new blue dress and I odererd it from USA (
They show me it at facebook and I just falling in love with it.
It's the first one, that I've ordered something from USA and it was totally easy.
Could pay in Euro with paypal and they have free shipping worldwide.
Here in Germany I don't like to order, the products are expensive
 and mostly they have very high shipping costs.

After 2 weeks it's arrived it and: yeah, it is wonderful!
 I'm only a little to short for it.
Now I have two choices: to go on stilts or to make the dress shorter.
I will chose the second.


My blue and grey winter clothing. I like this colors.

Similiar colors in the nature


Our public bookshelf is disappeared.
  I very miss it :-(


Yesterday was a day without frost and I was in the garden and cut the appletree.
It was not much this time, our summer was too dry,
the apples remained small and the tree was only a little grown.
I've very enjoyed this day in the garden, unusual at this season.


An old song about the "Land of Appletrees" 
with our German Band "Auroa" (later it was calling "Aurora Sutra")
I've always liked the voice of Patricia Nigiani.
(I never understood the words)

Have a nice blue and red and colorful weekend.


  1. Wonderful blue aquilegia! And you have been so lucky to find blue sky!!!

  2. Your dress does look lovely, is it blue all over or is there a darker part at the top? It might just be a shadow though. Have a good weekend.

    1. It's a layer dress with darker top. Not very good in photo.

  3. A beautiful dress, I fell in love with it too.

  4. What a lovely colour. Your dress looks wonderful. I hope you enjoy wearing it.

  5. Mascha, such a wonderful selection of blues and then a pounce of red. Enjoy a sunny day even if its cloudy.

  6. Beautiful blues. Love the dress! It's really easy ordering overseas now. I do the opposite - I am in US and order from England. Shipping is pretty reasonable and always arrives in a timely manner.

    Happy Five on Friday!

  7. I REALLY like your clothing stack . . . Stilts could be fun, maybe not in the snow, though. - It's good to know it's okay to like the sound of a song . . . without knowing the words. (I like to make up my own words anyway.)

    Beautiful Blue to YOU!!!

  8. Love the dress. I think you should go on stilts. :)

  9. I like your blue clothes,
    we have the same taste for colors :)

    Happy weekend from Anne-Mari

  10. Blue is my favorite color and that blue dress is so pretty!

  11. Glad you are enjoying the blue! It is one of my favourite colours too!

  12. Love your blue dress. I like blue, too and it seems to be your favorite color.

  13. Blues and greys are my favourite clothing colours, too. Your stack of folded sweaters and things is very pretty, as is the blue dress from the US. How lovely to have a sun-filled day in the garden so early.

  14. what a pretty dress mascha and it would be fun to see you on stilts :) such beautiful blues you show today! thank you for linking and have a great week ahead!!

  15. A lovely post!
    I do love blue too. It's my favorite.

  16. What a nice assortment of blues! Thanks for linking up to Blue Monday!

  17. At last! The wonderful blue dress! I love it. You're going to be gorgeous. I also love the sweaters, but thankfully, where I live it's not cold enough for the bulky type. I'm already fat - I'd look like a blimp.

    So sorry about you public books. We can't live without books.


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