Freitag, 10. November 2017

Friday Five about alldays life

Good morning,
its time for Five, shared with Tanya's WillyNilly Friday Five
and Jesh's All Seasons


Last two weeks weren't a good time: many things went wrong,
many worries and I had some allergic attacks,
was sick for a few days.
Seems, it is still more than wheat and eggs. Must test it.


On Monday we were by the vet with the cat.
Have a new (and better) vet now here in town and she examined cat thoroughly.
Took x-rays and identified some orthopedic problems:
coalesced vertebral bones, onset of arthritis and sciatica problems.
The cat has chronical pain, like a human by getting older...
Unfortunately the pain medications are very toxic for cats
with kidney problems and I will not give again. Seems not good.
Bought a homeopathic medicine now.

This action eradicated the money for the entire month.


I'm going to the "Table" (Charity) again.
Most, what they have there, I cannot take (forbidden for me to eat),
but maybe they can give me some vegetables or fruits or anything, what I can eat.


Next wednesday and thursday must ride to Braunschweig again for the laser treatment.
Hope, it will be successful.
November 30th they make an intestinal biopsy to diagnose celiac disease.
Will not be fun and I very hope, it isn't really a celiac.
I'm still hoping, that I can go back to normally nutrition one day, 
maybe after one year or two.
This gluten-free madness is not my kind of nutrition,
always hungry and I can not buy the alternatives for the forbidden foods.


I took out of the cellar my old acrylic paints.
Since two decades I haven't paint no more.
Most paints were dry, but some are still wet and working.
Maybe, I can begin to paint again?
I'm so wishing to have more free time for creativity.
The best day for painting is a day, when I don't must go out of my home.
Maybe, someday... (?), but not in next weeks, sigh!


  1. Ach Mascha, das hört sich nicht gerade einfach an, dein Leben! Ich wünschte dir etwas mehr Leichtigkeit, habe momentan aber auch nicht all zuviel davon ( mag jetzt aber nicht aufzählen, was in der Familie so ist ). Ja, vielleicht hilft kreatives Tun, um aus dem Schatten zu kommen. Will es morgen auch wieder versuchen...
    Alles Liebe!

  2. ...Mascha, wonderful colors from the garden. Celiac seems to be more common these days, I hope all goes well. Take care my friend.

  3. Jetzt musste ich schnell mal übersetzten lassen, damit ich auch alles richtig verstehe.
    Dein Leben ist ja derzeit echt anstrengend.
    Ich verstehe sehr gut, dass du da nicht wohl in deiner Haut bist.
    Schon alleine der Verdacht auf Zöliakie ist nervig. Und dass dann die "Ersatz-Lebensmittel" so teuer sind, macht die Sache auch nicht einfacher :-(
    Und dann die Behandlung der Katze, ich weiß wie teuer Tierbehandlungen sind.
    Mein Rony war letzthin auch für eine OP mit 800 Euro dabei.
    Bitte lass trotzdem den Kopf nicht hängen.
    Es muss auch mal wieder eine bessere Zeit kommen.
    Vielleicht hilft doch mal das malen ?
    Und wenn du nur täglich mal ein Stündchen versuchst ?
    mir hilft es.
    Sei ganz lieb gegrüßt

  4. I just love your pumpkins! Happy weekend.

  5. Mascha, I hope you get all the answers you need regarding your health. It's no fun to feel bad ... for us and for our kitties. I have one cat on heart meds and two on cosequin for their joints. We are all getting older together. Doing something creative helps -- I hope you can return to painting.

  6. I hope you and the cat are all better soon. Art work is good therapy. Have a great weekend :)

  7. I sure hope you start feeling better, and that it isn't celiac disease. I hope they can figure it all out for you and get you some relief! Sorry about the cat too. Hard times, that's for sure. I am beginning to paint again too! I bet your work will be wonderful! You are so talented.

  8. Wowzer! You are wealthy in art supplies. I took two years away from my art - and, once i began again, things started to improve in my life . . . I look forward to the time your health report (for you and your cat) will be happy - and your pockets will be full of everything you need to purchase things to delight your heart, body and creative spirit. love & love, -g-

  9. Oh my you had quite a week. So sorry your kitty wasn't feeling well and neither were you. I know how expensive both Vet & Doctor bills can be and also eating specialty foods. Groceries are not cheap by any means. - I do hope you find the answers you need to feel better & also find some time to be creative. It's good for the soul.

  10. Schade, dass da wieder so einiges bei Dir zusammenkommt. Und das Röntgen wir bestimmt auch nicht günstig. Ich kann mich noch gut daran erinnern, als 2010 Allegra genauer untersucht werden musste, um Diabetes festzustellen und andere Krankheiten auszuschließen waren das 170,-€ die wir für die Diagnose zahlen mussten. Ich hoffe nicht, dass Dir Metacam als Schmerzmittel empfohlen wurde. Das hatte Herrn Katze dann wohl bald darauf den Rest gegeben, als es versehentlich von seiner damaligen Tierärztin überdosiert eingegeben wurde und so seine Nieren schädigte. Mit welchem Mittel versuchst Du es denn nun?
    Tja, und für Dich drücke ich dann mal die Daumen, dass es beim zweiten Mal in BS eine Diagnose gibt, die einigermaßen gut behandelbar ist. Denn es stimmt wirklich, dass es verdammt schwer, zeitaufwändig und wesentlich teuer ist sich gesünder zu ernähren. Das mussten wir ja auch feststellen, als Wolfgang vor fast 1 Jahr die Diagnose Diabetes bekam. Seitdem haben wir unsere Ernährung zum größten Teil umgestellt. Nur, dass ich seitdem noch mehr unter Hautausschlägen leide. Oder, was noch schlimmer für mich wäre, dass ich jetzt auf eine unserer drei Katzenkinder allergisch reagiere …
    Ach ja, älter werden ist wohl wirklich nichts für Weicheier ;-(
    Liebe Grüße von Silke, die Dein erstes Post-Foto auch richtig stimmungsvoll findet. Du verstehst es auch nicht so angenehme Themen mit schönen Bildern zu garnieren ;-)

  11. wonderful photos!
    i'm a new follower of your blog, can you follow mine? :)

  12. Beautiful vegetables. I understand the frustration with your diet. I have multiple allergies including many foods. You will learn what makes you body happy and what makes it sick. You might try a food journal. Record daily what you eat and time. How you feel each day. You can discover patterns that way. You might have a quick reaction or you might find if you ate x you don't feel good 24 hours later. It helped me. God bless!

  13. Sorry Mascha when things are such a struggle to remain upbeat.Hope Your cat will react better to the new treatment.
    I caught your enthusiasm last week to do art again! Incorporate it it your day for an hour first, till you have experimented with when is the best time for you. For me it's in the afternoon. Even though I have painted a lot the last years, I start making mistakes when I continue and get overtired. Anyway, art should not be pressure but fun:) Hope you will get through the testing of your allergies quickly this time. Wishing you a better week than last, and thank you so much for linking up to All Seasons!
    P.S. my first pastels ever, I bought in Germany:)

    1. Our pastels are good quality, isn't it?
      To paint I need a free from all liabilities day. Without the feeling, that I have all hour free I cannot begin.
      Acrylic paints dry so fast, it's a fast-paint technique and I must finish the picture at the same day. I never can continuous paint the same picture at the next day. It would not work, any attempt to improve a picture just makes it worse or even kills it. That was always my maxime.
      One hour a day is enough for simple paper collage.
      I often practice that.

      For painting the best time is the morning, when all is silent and I have no overload from road traffic noise, ringing telephone and all days life. This kills me every day during the day. For autistic people overloads are the biggest problem.
      So I often wish, I had a day, when I not must go out of my home.


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