Freitag, 4. November 2016

Friday Five and flowers

Good morning,

I'm back and ready for Willy Nilly Friday and Five on Friday.
And I also link up this post with Seasons and My Favorite Weekend Flower


Last saturday I had a visitor from far away and got a beautiful bouquet of flowers.
I took some pictures to share my joy.


These pictures are the onliest photos, what I made in last weeks.
Since first of october we had rain rain rain... cold and grey.
Feels like no one day without rain until today.
When you see in my blog colorful autumn photos, so they are from last year.


I very miss the sumner days and the public pool, where I could swim.
Get physically therapy now against the pain, 
 that takes many time and helps only a little.


I was rare online in last time. Have many to do with the renovation of my old house. 
A house, build in 1850 has many problems. 
Downstairs it is finished, but still much to do at the top. 
Old electric cables, destroyed walls... sigh!
I still push my clutter from one room to the other
and don't see an end before Christmas.


At last a flower song by Dalida "Le temps des fleurs"

The original is a Russian song, composed by Boris Fomin (1900 - 1948)
"Дорогой длинною" - On the long way. 
Dedicated to the Russian Gipsy-singer Maria Nebolsina-Masalskaya 
A historical recording I could not find, only paintings of them both
 Well, a little old fashioned...

Sings Nani Bregwadse (many Russian singers have sung it)

Have a nice colorful weekend


  1. What lovely flowers, with such gorgeous, subtle colours. Take care of yourself and rest to avoid the pain. XX

  2. Thank you for sharing your beautiful flower pictures. The colours are stunning. Good luck with your house renovations. Never easy. Happy weekend. B X

  3. Stunning photography and I know what you mean about pushing clutter from room to room, you have my sympathy

  4. Amazing and a bit dramatic photos of this lovely bouquet. Have a great day Mascha!

  5. such beautiful flowers! i wish you had a heated public pool you could swim sound very busy with the renovations...hope they go smooth and quick! thank you for linking mascha, have a great weekend :)

  6. Such a beautiful autumn bouquet.

  7. Stunning bouquet of flowers. Your renovations are certainly keeping you busy. Take care.

  8. Gorgeous flowers, Mascha! Really beautiful photos of them.

  9. Beautiful photos of your flower arrangement. The colours are lovely. We are having a very wet and dark beginning to autumn, too. Today is supposed to be sunnier.
    The song you linked to is sung in English, too - Those Were the Days. It was fun listening to it in French and Russian.
    Have a wonderful weekend.

  10. Such a good idea to take the photos of your beautiful bouquet as it makes it last much longer. Have a good week

  11. Beautiful flowers! The pictures are really pretty. I hope they helped cheer up the dull days.

    Happy Five on Friday

  12. Loved it all. The color combination of your gift flowers is breathtaking. The flower photos which accompanied the first video were spectacular. And when Nani left her carriage, I wanted to jump in and steal it and ride through the forest, lounging on furs. Adored the clothes and the drama of the painting. A real winner of a post this week.

  13. What a beautiful bouquet for a beautiful lady.

  14. Beautiful flowers in such gorgeous subtle colours. Keep warm and I hope the physical therapy helps relieve some of the pain. Take care.

  15. House renovations and rain, not a good combination. Hope it goes smoothly.

  16. That is a beautiful bouquet. I do understand about the house renovations- in chaos here too due to the floors needing to be redone.

  17. Beautiful :) No rain here, but something else...

  18. Oh my goodness, those flowers are divine! I love this colour combination of pink and green and fill my house with flowers very similar. Your post has made me really smile x

  19. The flowers will cheer you up! I like them. Thanks for linking. Groetjes Hetty

  20. The colors are gorgeous Mascha! Very much love that lightened wine red hues with the pale green tints. Hope you will find another solution if you need to feel/do better, like half a year ago! You're in my thoughts. and thank you so much for sharing these beautiful flowers with ALL SEASONS! Wishing you a marvelous week!


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