Freitag, 29. Januar 2016

Friday Five - this and that...

Good morning,

it's friday again and time to join with Tanya's Willy Nilly Friday Five
Amy's Five on Friday , Suzy Mae's Soulfood Friday 
and Cath's Fun Friday Favorites


On monday we've celebrated Tu B'schevat.
No calendar, no tradition commands us to celebrate this, but I really appreciate
those small private celebrations in everydays life. Only for us both...
Here is my blog post about it..


Our snow is gone away, the sun has licked it...
On one hand I am happy because life is lighter again by riding bicycle, 
on the other hand I miss it a little because it made everything so beautiful.
 Bright white rather boring gray. Hope it comes again a little, not to much.


Right outside my window are last year's rose hips.
They are shriveled, but I enjoy them anyway. 
Such pretty splash of color ...


I made some photo-experiments with a silver plate and feathers. For a Polish Photochallenge.
I like challenges and have to many to participiate, sigh!
But I need always some creative thing to overcome the everyday life.


An old sad Russian song by Jurij Morfessi - Мы только знакомы - We are only known.

A song from 1940 and the videoclip is from a TV-Show of this time.
It is so cute and funny, I really like this!

Reminds me of childhood, as all people in our country had only black&white TV.
My parents never had a TV, but I often went to the neighbors and looked there 
at children's programs in a similar style.

Have a nice weekend all :-)


  1. The photo of the small private celebration was very touching x

  2. Great snow photo and I like the private celebration at the tree. Very moody in the dusk setting.

    Mersad Donko Photography

  3. Lovely photo's, I enjoyed all of them.


  4. What a fantastic tree trunk! And the feather so soft. Have a lovely weekend.

  5. Beautiful photo's! have a great weekend. :)

  6. Our snow, too, is gone. I am like you, love the pretty white world it creates.

  7. I don't think our snow is going away for a while. In fact we got a little more overnight! I hope you can stop by:


  8. You have great photos. Thank you for sharing!

  9. If only that tree could tell its stories! Such a lovely winter scene in your town.

  10. The tree that was the center of the celebration is so beautiful with its twisted trunk! Loved your photos as always! Hope things are going well for you and your friend.

  11. i love the celebration...the tree looks almost like a long dress swishing around the bottom! love the candles around it, so pretty! thank you for linking mascha and have a great weekend!!

  12. How pretty the candles and lantern around the tree. Winter needs some celebrations.

  13. Very interesting things from you week. I am glad that you are enjoying cycling. Thank you for joining Five On Friday, happy weekend! xx

  14. What a pretty little celebration photo of the tree and candles. - Also you snow photo was nice. Here I'm not a big fan of snow so I don't mind not having it. Just wish we'd get a little more sunshine then we have lately.

  15. What a beautiful picture of the candle ringed tree. Looks so special :) I love the feather and silver plate photos, such gorgeous textures. I also need a little bit of creativity everyday. Have a great week!

  16. Wonderfull tree, greeting from Belgium



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