Freitag, 31. Januar 2014

Random 5 Friday


This is a developing tank for movies.
My grandfather made ​​them.
He has made many objects themselves and they all were not only practical, but also of particular aesthetic.
Everything has its function , associated with beauty as well.
This circular on the lid is not just decoration, but the air output. For it may be in developing the movies no bubbles in the gelatin layer.
Therefore you must carefully knock on the can so that the air escapes after having filled developer solution or fixer.
I know that yet, because I used to work with it for a long time...
And of course , do not spray light to the film - for this he has made this rounding . - Cool, is not it?


My grandparents lived very simply and modestly, and they have lived their entire lives for their work.
Grandmother made ​​enamel, grandfather was a goldsmith.
Some people think that goldsmiths are rich. But it is never their own gold, with them they are working.


I have lived as a child for a short time with them and that was the luckiest time of my childhood. Everything was so calm and orderly and beautiful in a simple way. The objects of the apartment and the whole life. The days were filled with work, but always there was also time to play with me to read and to go out into nature.
Gladly I would have been there forever...


This time of year, 27 years ago, my grandfather suffered a stroke. They carried him out of his workshop and he never came back there.
He was artificially kept still 7 weeks in the hospital on life without hope of improvement - that was not a good time and not a peaceful death.
I thought in recent times repeatedly at him.
He died in march, shortly before his 94th Birthday.
I loved him very much and I miss it to this day.


And now the poetically part - лирический часть -

The child was still small but it knew the way exactly . 
 Up the hill and along under the trees .
 Already there saw the familiar roof
 To enter the old house was like a different world . 
There was one workshop in the basement and one top of the house. 
Peculiar smells of shellac , technically alcohol and many others. 
The stairs to the attic went around the corner and there was a tiny door. Behind there lived the "Klabauterman", had told her grandfather.
 The door was rarely opened. 
Also the walls had doors to chambers and cabinets.
 Everything was mysterious and interesting.

The child loved his grandfather very much. 

But it was also a kind of distanced love.
 Quiet the child came to the door and saw him sitting.
 At his workbench in front of the window
 Carefully sneak closer , just do not abut him
 He made very fine work, and often he did not even hear the child.
 But there were always moments when he called it zoom.
 Showed him what he was doing. 
Tiny beads of gold and precious stones. 
The child was particularly fond of the blue. 
 Lapis lazuli . 
Stones with flecks of gold.
 In the corner of sheet metal and wire was rolled . 
They turned together the crank . Heavy .
 Grandfather cut the agate and the child watched. 
Or he developed photos and it was quite dark. 

Sometimes the grandmother stood up from her work 
and went into the kitchen. 
They toasted sugar with butter in a pan and made 
hot caramel - milk from it. 
They drank from cups of similar color, with a blue and brown pattern . 
The child said camel milk. 
And she crept under the camel hair blankets.
 Familiar soft colors and everything was put in order and had his time. 
The child dreamed of caravans. 
With camels the blue and turquoise stones 
were brought from the Morningland. 
Morningland - that sounded like awakening. 
The voice of the grandfather mingled with strange music.
 Secure in the Eveningland the child fell asleep.
Under camelhair and blue. 

This photo he took of me at the age of 5 years.


  1. Oh Mascha, This is such a precious post about your grandfather and grandmother. Thank you for sharing your heart.

  2. A beautiful, beautiful post in every way ! :)

  3. You were a beautiful young girl!!
    And for the movie developer...that was so very interesting. I learned a lot.

  4. A beautiful tribute to your grandparents!

  5. That is simply lovely! And the developing tank is, very, very cool!x

  6. A beautiful post in tribute to your grandparents. The developing tank has it's own special beauty -- all the gears! Wonderful.

  7. The developing tank is part of the precious memories of your grandfather. I agree that it has a certain beauty. I can see that he was an artist.

    I loved reading about your grandfather. Until I was 12, I lived two doorways from my grandparents' house and spent a LOT of time with them. As a teen I actually lived with them (they had moved to another side of our town) so I had a special connection with them.

  8. I love this post! A sweet tribute to your grandparents! Your love for them shines through your lovely words.

  9. Grandparents are a very important part of a child's life. A lovely tribute to both of yours!

  10. What a wonderful story and such special memories of your grandfather. Thank you for sharing.

  11. Oh, my. This is one of my favorite will stay with glad you took the time to share this with us. It has a magical feel to it.

  12. Oh my this was just so beautiful. I loved reading about your grandparents. That photo developing machine was quite fascinating. Thanks for sharing a part of your childhood.

  13. This is such a sweet, beautiful post. What a wonderful loving tribute to your grandparents.

  14. At 94, it sounds as if your grandfather had a long and energetic life. Nice that you were able to spend time with your grandparents. xo

  15. Thank you for sharing such a dazzling story about your grandparents! You made me feel a part of your story, which good story tellers do. The pot image drew me to see what its tale was.

    1. You got it - it's my dream now to be a good storyteller in English, I'm still working...

  16. Wundervoll, Mascha... das Bild von Dir als kleines Mädchen, mit dem verträumten, so viel wissenden Blick und das was Deine Erinnerung für uns zeichnet!!!
    Deine wunderschönen und sensiblen Worte lassen aus Zeichnungen bunte Bilder entstehen...
    Die Art und Weise wie und was Du über Deine Erlebnisse mit Deinen Großeltern erzählst, berührt mein Herz sehr...früher wurde über sehr viele Sachen, besonders über Gefühlsdinge nicht gesprochen, das kenne ich auch von meinem Großvater...

  17. I was looking forward to your post. Wonderful to know more about your grandfather Mascha, and lovely to have those memories. Hope your weekend is fantastic. :)

  18. This brought tears to my eyes, Masha. So beautiful. I got such wonderful images from what you wrote about. Gave me beautiful pictures in my mind. I think your Grandfather was very clever. The film developer he created was ingenious. You are so lucky to have had such a magical place to be for a while. Thank you for sharing this. Blessings, Bird

  19. Great stuff! Retro photography is making a comeback these days. Maybe you should give it a go?

    If you need some inspiration, you should definitely check this guy out:

    Keep it up!

    1. Thanks for the link, a lot of interesting pictures. I look at with more time.
      Incidentally, I have books about Josef Sudek, Jan Saudek and other especially photographers ... love photo books anyway.
      I have used analogue camera until it broke.
      Only since small Digital and I can not make really friends with it.
      But for analog photography now I haven't the money :-(

  20. What a precious look back at your family history and memories Mascha,
    I feel privileged to have been able to read it.
    Your photographs are fantastic especial the one of you as a young girl.
    Thank you so much for sending me the link :D
    I really enjoyed my visit.

  21. Wunderschöne Einnerung von deinem Grossvather.
    Leider die Zeit mit den eigenen Grosseltern wird erst geschetzt mit dem Alter wo meisten die grosseltern nicht mehr dabei sind ...


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