Dienstag, 28. Januar 2014

Winter morning

I love the silence that comes with the snow.
In this winter, only once for a day...
Today finally fells the second snow overnight.
My cat was not amused by its sight.
Looked out the front door and turned back.
Looked out the back door and turnes back.
Lets me open the top door
from there she goes 
through the roof terrace down to the garden.
But there, the same picture.
She looked at me sadly.
We both went up to the roof edge
and looked at the street
even there’s all white...
My presence was comforting her.
We stood and looked long.
Then we went inside.
Cat lay down to sleep.
I took the blade and made
her little ways free.
When she awakes,
will be pleased...

(written on friday, january 24, in the morning)


  1. That is sad ... my cats are indoor cats so they don't care about the snow. My dog loves the snow ... loves to romp and play, but it has been too cold even for her to go out. Stillness is the right word ... we sit, we watch, we wish then finally go about out business in the house. Until another day ...
    Lovely post, Mascha ...

    Andrea @ From The Sol

    1. Meanwhile, she has become somewhat used to it.
      I recalled how she spent two years ago outside as a homeless throughout the whole winter (we had lots of snow) and she was too shy to accept my invitation to the house. I put her a small wooden hut in front of the house, at least something protection ... Meanwhile, she loves coziness of beds ...

  2. That's so beautifully put Mascha. The snow is a reminder to her of her time without shelter - but now she has a safe, warm home -thanks to you.

  3. She is lucky to have you keeping her safe and warm. Happy Wednesday!

  4. Sweet kitty! We had our first snow of the year yesterday and I briefly put my cat outside for a look. She was not amused. She ran right back inside and stayed away from the door the rest of the day.

  5. Liebe Mascha,
    wie wundervoll Du erzählst...Eure Fußtapsen sind wunderbar...es ist so toll wie Du Dich um die Katze gekümmert hast (und kümmerst)! Das berührt mich sehr!
    Neben Wölfen liebe ich Katzen über alles...leider kann ich, auf Grund einer Allergie, keine bei mir aufnehmen...dabei würde ich mich so gern mit ein oder zwei Katzen umgeben...
    Ich hoffe Deinen Fingern geht's bald wieder besser!
    Genieß noch einen schönen Abend mit Deiner hübschen Mietz,
    Alles Liebe,

  6. that is quite an amazing sight from your roof! My silly Siamese acted like she was going to dart out the door when the plumber I called came. naughty kitty!

  7. I too love the quiet of the snow fall. I think it beautiful that you gave your kitty a pathway to follow out to the garden. Such a pretty view, too. Lovely poem.

  8. warm wishes; thanks for sharing your winter musings

    much love...


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