Freitag, 17. Januar 2014

Random 5 Friday

The film "Monuments Men" was filmed in our area. 
It is based on real events.
The actors Matt Damon and George Clooney were in our town some time ago. Many people tried to see her and get autographs.
I've had enough to see them in the movie.
In our German cinema, it is not yet.

 I found again a  surprise in my letter box by the houee door - it's a magical box lately...

I bought new flip-flops. My old ones were broken.
Now in the winter I paid for its only 10 cents ...

I use them in the bathroom, because the stone floor is very cold.

In my imagination I go with them through a long summer day.
I go to the sea through the sand, long time.
Then I come to a forest and later on a clearing.
There's a clown, which gives me an exotic fragrant flower.
There are artists from the circus.
You invite me to play with them.
I can flickflack (handspring) and other tricks that I could as a child ...
This is fun. 
Then it starts to rain in the evening and we all dance in the summer rain. The air smells fresh and green and full of flowers fragrance ......
Such images I have in mind, now on a rainy winter day -

I like the short stories of Story People.
 I'm trying to understand (or it helps me google-translator) and my English to improve.
Here is an especially famous poetic story that I would like to share.

Tiger Rain

Her umbrella was filled with rain she had collected in her travels & on hot summer days she would open it up for the neighborhood kids & we would splash in the puddles & then it would smell like Nairobi or Tasmania & later on we would sit on the porch & eat ice cream & watch for tigers in the bushes.

 - This is my contribution to poeticization of everyday life -
Have an amazing poetic weekend all.


  1. Hi Mascha, I love flip flops too and you got the bargain of the century! A visiting Brazilian student brought me mine about five years ago and I'll have to think about replacing them soon. But am so used to them that it seems impossible to have another as comfortable. Thank you for including the link; I love poetry and usually write some each Sunday. (have to get back to that) I'll go check it out now. Hope you have a lovely weekend. :)

    1. That's a great idea to write on sundays a poetry. I also often think that I would have to develop a kind of ritual for such deeds .. and every sunday is a poetic day ...

      Of course I can always write when it comes to my mind ... but so often is not or it gets eaten by everyday before I wrote - I'll try that!

  2. Monuments Men looks like a good movie -- I'll have to make sure to see it when it arrives on satellite tv. :)

  3. I love flip flops! I have about 20 pair!

  4. You took me right along with you in your imagination--did you realize I was there? Sometimes it just feels good to imagine other things/places.

  5. What a pleasant post. I love the Umbrella shot and the little verse you posted. - Also I loved your imagination with the flip-flops (great idea to use them in the bathroom. I hate cold bathroom floors in the mornings.).

  6. what an amazing story to go with the red umbrella, so creative!
    you really got a great deal on your flip flops; I like the deisgn on them.


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