Mittwoch, 20. Mai 2015

Stairway into the light

Someone had brought her here, two people.
She remembered only vaguely.
They had been found her on the street, absolutely filthy, beaten, in a fever.

The house was old and winding. No floor straight, low ceilings wrong.
You got vertigo in such houses.

She had old houses often used as a shelter. If they were to leave. Without windows. Without doors, without water and all that.
Since she had fled from the home, where she was treated like a child.
Just because she did not speak -

This house was still inhabited.
The old woman was good to her. Drink gave her and eating and had supplied their wounds.
She did not ask and did not call the police.
There seemed to be no problem that she could not speak.

It was very peaceful here. The noise of the city was far away.
Under noise, sharp sunlight and many impulses she had suffered greatly during the time as she was living homeless.
Now she had finally a roof over her head. A warm blanket, a soft bed - so long as she knew no longer -

She tried to get up. With pain, still.
But she went a bit round in the room.
The woman seemed to be absent. Not a sound in the house. Nowhere.
She opened the door to the corridor.
Then she saw the stairs.
And she realized that the way down can also lead into the light.


  1. ah yes it is the light which beckons; nice write; thanks for sharing at Monday WRites

    much love...

  2. I love your story in that she found a place of comfort where she didn't have to experience further bad treatment and abuse. I think you make an interesting point here with this tale, we can find the Light by moving upward in our lives, but sometimes we also find it by going downward until we hit the point where we can finally see it and understand.

  3. I really like your last sentence - as I do your entire story. It is very heartfelt.

  4. Sometimes we do need to be at the bottom before we find the top. Liked your story. Thanks for sharing.

  5. oh, such an emotion-filled tale, Maschas! I am glad that she was tenderly taken care of. The light at the bottom of the stairs fills me with hope for her. marvelously written!

  6. Wonderful story. My autistic ears pricked up!
    Gorgeous shot to illustrate. xo Jazzy Jack

  7. Mascha, such a wonderful story about your photo. Thanks so much for taking part!

  8. This is a very picturesque shot and your story goes so well with it.

  9. For a brief moment I wasn't sure if the stairs lead up or down.
    Great phot.
    Have anice day.

  10. wonderful photo capturing the light

  11. Oooo and Ahhhh ... what a great shot. Looks like something you would see in a magazing or a mystery book. Wonderfully done, Mascha ...

    Andrea @ From The Sol

  12. interesting story to go with the image :) Great work. Thanks for sharing.


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