Freitag, 4. März 2016

Friday Five and the colors of water and air...

Good morning,

it's friday again - the time flies so fast...
 Where is the yarn, which can be used to bind and hold time?  ;-)


It's a cold grey morning today and we had many cold and grey here in last time, the really spring is'nt still arrived in our area.
But I like the upcoming light, enjoy the longer days.
And I like the silence of the mornings...


No silece: the cat rumbles outdoor over me.
Above the window is a small ledge, where she loves to sit. Here it is always dry and she has a good overview
No idea how she comes up, but she manages.
I wanted to make it easier for her and built a cat stairs up, but she has never sitting there as long as the stairs were there.
I took it away, and now she's sitting there again...


I don't have time to write much: my mother (89) has fallen and broken her hand. Needs help.
Blog will live in the near future from prepared and stored posts.


I have more than 100 prepared and saved posts.
Whenever I need a short seat break from everyday life and a little crativity, I'm sitting here and make a picstory or a photo post and then don't publish it because I have something more recent, or the color of the images is not in harmony with the colormood of the blog at the moment (that's mostly  the problem)...
Then I save it for later and forget...
Will this stock publish finally in the near future. When it fits well together.


I have mentioned more than once that I love the color blue.
The color of water and air...
Here are some blue photos from my archive.
Hope you enjoy them and wish you all a nice colorful time.


  1. Beautiful images, I really did enjoy them. Hope your Mum is feeling better soon.

  2. What lovely reflections.

  3. Gorgeous blue photos. I hope your mother's hand doesn't cause her too much pain and inconvenience.

  4. Thank you for sharing your beautiful photos with the colour blue as a theme. Each one creates a different mood. I hope you have the opportunity to have a time of rest in the mornings before your busy day and that your mother recovers well from her fall and injured hand.

  5. Oh how beautuful photos, skies and reflexions! The best to your mother!

  6. Love all the blues, especially liked the cottons

  7. Blues are my favorite color. Beautiful pictures.

  8. I love all of your blue captures

  9. Blue is my favorite color too. Hope your Mother's hand is soon better.

  10. Lovely to see the beautiful blue skies. I do hope that your Mum will be much better very soon, it is hard to see your parents in need of help isn't it. Thank you for sharing at Five on Friday, hope that you have a great weekend. xx

  11. Hello Mascha, I love your blues, everyone so pretty and different. See you again next week on Friday.

  12. Your photography is fantastic and beautiful. Blue somehow seems to soothe the soul - maybe because, as you mentioned, it's the color of water and air; two things we need to survive.

    Looking forward to some of your other saved collections.

  13. Love the reflection of the trees. Hope your mothers hand mends quickly. B

  14. wonderful photos you chose today mascha! your poor mom, i hope she is feeling better! thank you for linking and hope you have a great weekend!

  15. Love that blue. These photos as magical. Great job.

  16. So sorry to hear about your mother! Hope she mends quickly. Love all your beautiful blues in your photos. Over 100 prepared blog posts! Wow! That has to be some kind of record.

  17. So sorry to hear about your mother's fall. I will pray for quick healing of her hand.
    Your blue photos are just so lovely. I really enjoyed looking at them.

  18. Sorry to here about your Mum. I hope she recovers soon. The photography is gorgeous.

  19. Hope your mum is better soon. Oh, your pictures are so lovely.

  20. Great series. Thanks for sharing these lovely photos at

    Best wishes to your mom and to you as you help her.

  21. Love the image of the little brook wandering through the woodland


    Ps.. I hope your Mother makes a speedy recovery


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