Freitag, 25. März 2016

Friday Five and Easter

Good morning,

it's friday and time to join with Tanya's Willy Nilly Friday Five, Suzy Mae's Soulfood Friday 


Today is a silent friday, without bells, loud music and events.
It is in Germany a ban on dancing on this day.
We don't know the therm Good Friday, it is more a day of mourning.
Or silent joy...


I have my personal silent joy: Nancy is back in bloggerland.
It is amazing and often fail to grasp with words, which track foreign people left in us and why.


It's still very cold here, but the spring bulb flowers are out.
Yesterday I had the rare luck to could visit a small forest at the former inner-German border and see there blooming wild Leucojum vernum. A wonderful view!
Here are more photos of the place.


These railway tracks aren't used since the end of World War II  because of the division of Germany.


Related to this topic: on Easter Monday they show for the first one in our the TV movie "Monuments Men", which was partly filmed in our region.
It was at the movies a long time ago, but I'm not able to visit a cinema. 
Now at last I can see the movie.

And now: Happy blessed Easter :-)


  1. Mascha...wishing you the joy of Easter.

  2. very nice pictures!!
    Happy easter to you and your family

  3. i like the term "silent friday" better than "good friday" and i love that old vintage photo in the first shot, also your movie theater! enjoy the movie mascha and thank you for linking! have a wonderful weekend/easter :)

  4. Gorgeous, gorgeous, every bit of this post . . I saw the movie "Monument Men" . . never realizing I was seeing part of your neighborhood . . . wow, A dancing ban? It's good i live here then - because my heart is dancing, too . . .thank you for sharing so much Beauty . . Happy Easter

  5. Zdjęcia pierwsze i ostatnie ładnie spinają cały post.
    Radosnych Świąt Wielkiej Nocy Masza.

  6. wishing you the very best of everything, today and always, Mascha. Your posts are so delightful.

  7. I have never thought about why it is called Good Friday and now it seems odd! Loved your photo's especially the spring flowers....Happy Easter Weekend and thanks for sharing at Fun Friday Favourites.

  8. Thank you for your sweet comment on my post...and the "head's up" that I had linked incorrectly. I fixed it now. I have always wondered about the term Good Friday" is more a day of mourning for all the horrible things done to Jesus, but GOOD because His sacrifice was a willing one, a Gift. And then Easter follows and He rises again, so all is well. :-) But it is an odd term. Hope you have a wonderful Easter. God bless you & your friends and family! You posted some awesome photos. So glad you get to see Monuments Men's a really good movie, and it was neat to learn it was filmed in your region!

  9. Beautiful post for Easter. I love the old tracks.

  10. Those railway tracks are haunting. I hope you had a peaceful and restful Easter weekend :)


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