Freitag, 18. März 2016

Friday Five and an old house

Good morning,

it's time again for Five to join with Tanya, Amy , Cath and Suzy Mae


We haven't spring here, it's still cold and frosty
but the snowdrops and other ealy flowers are blooming in my garden.


Ten years ago I have sown wild Cyclamen.
Got the seeds from an old man who had the whole garden full with a carpet of them.
It takes several years before they bloom, but then they see themselves out.
Meanwhile there are large colonies and some of them scattered in the lawn.
They are so small but colorful, it's a joy.


On Tuesday we had cold rain, but I'm still went into the forest -
bad weather can be very photogenic!


Last weekend we could take a short trip to Osterwieck.
It's a lovely small old town, not far, but normally unreachable for us without car.
I am happy and grateful to see this place again after many years...

There are many very old houses, protected as a historic landmark.
But the reality is that hardly anyone has the money to restore them according to the specifications of the building monument protection.
And so they fall more and more.

I took many photos and today will show only one of these houses.
It's so nice and old, like from a fairytale.


In matching to the old house I've chosen a song 
of my favorite medieval-crossover band Rabenschrey (Ravencry)

Have a nice weekend all :-)

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  1. Das sind phantastische Fotos, die mich bestärken, mir nachher den Fotoapparat zu kaufen, den ich mir gestern habe zurücklegen lassen. Hoffentlich komme ich mit dem Ding zurecht und kann auch solche Qualitätsfotos zeigen. Probieren geht über studieren.
    Oder hast Du etwa so ein 2000 Euro-Teil? ....
    Herzlich Pippa

    1. Ich habe eine uralte kleine Nikon Coolpic 4600, gebraucht geschenkt bekommen vor vielen Jahren... Es ist ein Wunder, wie lange die durchhhält und was sich damit alles anstellen läszt!
      Ich sage allerdings auch immer, Fotografieren ist in erster Linie eine Frage des Sehens und nicht der Kamera!
      Wobei eine Kamera helfen kann, besser und genauer hinschauen zu lernen (und sie kann auch später zur Sehhilfe werden, wenn man mit schlechter werdenden Augen drauszen kaum noch was erkennt - )

  2. Fantastic photos, thanks for sharing! wishing you a wonderful weekend,
    all the best

  3. Hi Mascha! Your photos are so beautiful! I'm happy that your Cyclamen are flowering. They are really neat flowers. We need rain in South Africa. Our plants are dying. I love photographing my flowers, so I'm sad to see them dying. My weekend blog hop is live if you'd like to join. Ich wünsche dir ein schönes Wochenende. My weekend linky party:

  4. What amazing photos of the old building. So sad that they are left to become ruins.Have a good weekend. B x

  5. Fantastic old building and lovely spring!

  6. Beautiful photos of beautiful things :-)

  7. Loved the photos of the bad weather and the stunning photos of the old buildings, such a delight to see them. Take care.

  8. I adore your cyclamen. They are so pretty!

  9. All pictures are beautiful and all perfectly photographed

  10. #1 & 2 often the smallest things bring the greatest joy
    #3 I hope that you had your raincoat on
    #4 thank you for sharing Osterwieck
    #5 thanks for including the video
    Have a wonderful week end my friend

  11. oh wow, that is such a beautiful old building. i love it! i wish they would find the money to restore it. the cyclamen are a welcome sight! glad you were able to get to this historic town and i hope you will show more pictures! thank you for linking mascha and have a great weekend :)

  12. The cyclamen, snowdrops look beautiful and natural, spreading over the years - very good.The photos of the countryside are indeed atmospheric. It's difficult to conserve and restore an historic village well. I hope it can be done. I don't know what the words of the music mean, but I like the style and it sounds cheerful. Have a good weekend and week ahead.

  13. So viel Schönheit in einem Posten!!!

  14. Your flowers are so pretty, Mascha, and I do love the photography on a not-so-perfect day. Your pictures are always so clear and perfect. So happy that old buildings are preserved. I hate to see them torn down. Have a special weekend.

  15. I'm listening to your music while i type . . i don't know what these people are singing about - BUT, i sure like the sound.

    Ya know, everything in your world seems magic to me . . . I feel at home in your blog. Love & Love, -g-

  16. The historic building is wonderful! I love the beautiful flowers and those gorgeous trees and the raindrops! Beautiful photos, Mascha!

  17. I love those old buildings, Mascha. And, I've never heard of wild cyclamen. Beautiful.

  18. How lovely that you have such beautiful flowers in your garden. Glad you had time to get away for a few days, it looks like a beautiful place. Thank you for taking part in Five On Friday, hope you have a good weekend and a good Easter! xx

  19. What an amazing house! I love to see architecture such as this but become saddened when the upkeep has to go through extreme red tape before anything can be done. The decay is beautiful though. Your flowers are such a welcome sight in your garden. The flashes of colour are beautiful. Have wonderful weekend.

  20. I see beauty in the bare tree limbs - a little like lace. Spring will come soon. In the meantime, enjoy your cyclamen - my favorite flower. They look slightly different here in the US.

  21. The snowdrops are so pretty as are the Cyclamen. I just loved your photos of the old building, they were hauntingly beautiful. I didn't understand the music but I liked it.

  22. What a beautiful old building, full of stories of the past. The cyclamen have naturalized beautiful in your garden.

  23. I love those beautiful old buildings. The rainy forest is very photogenic, it looks like something out of a fairytale! It's too cold for cyclamen to grow wild here. They are so pretty. Have a wonderful week!

  24. I love your post...all the things that I love to see and photograph myself. Such a shame there is not a heritage trust to help restore the old buildings....they are so beautiful and it would be such a shame to let them become derelict and ruins. Thank you so much for sharing at Fun Friday Favourites!

  25. Beautiful flowers. The old buildings are wonderful!

  26. Wonderful series of photos.
    Thanks for sharing at

  27. Love these shots of the old buildings. Disappointing that they will fall by the wayside.

  28. Beautifully captured, I love old buildings.


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