Sonntag, 13. März 2016

Easter... the prompt of this week at Our Beautiful World.

Easter is coming soon.
Easter is upcoming spring
sunlight , that begins to warm

Easter is the festival of happiniez
But before is is the funeral
a quiet time - Lent - reflection...

Easter is a song for me:
The sorrowful mother by the cross
(in Ukrainian here)

Easter is the joy
spring flowers
and fresh tender colors


  1. Es keimt neue Hoffnung! P.

  2. Flotte bilder og tekst.
    I år kommer påsken tidlig og det er mye snø i fjellet der
    vi har hytte. Vi bruker ski og spiser god mat.

  3. Beautiful thoughts and pictures. Love the wreath with the Easter eggs- rebirth!

  4. I love your collages!Thanks for sharing with us in Our Beautiful World. AriadnefromGreece!

  5. Thanks for sharing your Easter thoughts!

  6. Thanksvfor linking up at Monday WRites today. You are welcome to post my button with your blog posts

    Yes I am looking forward to Easter Season
    Much love...

  7. I appreciate you sharing at May Easter blessings be yours!

  8. Easter week will soon be upon us. I haven't started to decorate the house yet, but the blossoms outside are enough for me right now.

  9. Very good!

  10. Yes, Easter is many things, but most importantly the remembrance of Christ's death and resurrection. New life everywhere!

  11. I like the colors in that last shot-pretty decorations.

  12. I like the colors in that last shot-pretty decorations.

  13. Such a beautiful post dear Mascha! I love the peaceful preparation time for Easter. And I love the sun warming the days again and the flowers popping up everywhere! xx

  14. Lovely photos! I really like your Easter wreath! Thanks so much for sharing at OBW!

  15. I like the picture which is reflecting the sun in the water puddle. #greyworldnomads

  16. Beautifully expressed.
    Thank you for your reflections upon Easter.
    (The collage with a broken stain-glass and the ruined building speaks to me most.)

  17. Although I enjoy the coziness of winter, spring is wonderful as it bursts forth with more light and, eventually, flowers. I enjoyed the music and your images, Mascha.



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