Freitag, 13. Oktober 2017

Friday Five and some pictures of this week

Good morning,
its friday again and time for five,


We have a lot of rain here in this autumn.
But rainy days can be very photogenic.


The best of rainy days are rainbows,
 we had a few, but not always I'm with my camera...


On Monday we went again to donate blood.
After this they make a yummy brunch for the donors and I broke my diet.
Could not resists all the delicious sandwiches and have very enjoyed the meal.
But after it my acute problems came back, o fuck!
Seems ,that really gluten is the substance, what makes me the most trouble.
Oh no, that cannot be!!! That is the last, what I need!
Must still test it, but the perspective of never having a biscuit 
or a fresh bread again is really depressing.
And almost all of the other foods includes gluten too, even spice blends.
And I haven't the money for the very expensive alternatives.


Here is a lovely angel bench in the forest.
I' m sitting often here, it's a very especially and peaceful place.

Nearby in former times was the monastrery "Heavens Gate".
Martin Luther was there as a guest and in this year 
we celebrate  the 500. anniversary of Reformation.

The monastery was destroyed a long time ago, 
but as a little child I saw still a pice of the wall.
It were smaller and smaller, because some people break it down 
and took the stones for their gardens.
The last rest has been covered with grass for five decades.
Now I've seen: they put the grass away and the wall is visible again.
In memory of Martin Luther ..
I hope it stays still for a while and nobody takes away the last stones.


At last some photo-edits, what I made yesterday. Just for fun.

Have a wonderful weekend with more sunshine


  1. I love the stone hedge & your mandalas. All the best!

  2. Wunderschön, deine Natur - Kaleidoskope!
    Blut zu spenden traue ich mich gar nicht mehr. Aber als Studentin habe ich es regelmäßig gemacht...
    Hier ist es nach einem sonnigen Tag auch schon wieder grau, allerdings macht sich der regen rar.
    Bon week-end!

  3. ...those photo edits are outstanding!

  4. Stunning photos, Mascha! Love the ominous skies, and the kaleidoscope types were so much fun, and really pretty! I am sorry you are having so much trouble with gluten. Hope you get to doing better.

  5. Pictures Bursting with Beautiful Color.
    I've never seen an angel bench before . . .
    Please Be Well . . .

  6. Yes, more drama with rain and heavy sky... Great photos!
    But I have had enough rain so far :)

  7. What great images! Love it! Have a great week!

  8. Love the angel bench! Guess these people taking the rocks have no sense of history. Have you thought on making some gluten free recipes yourself (when you google it, it probably comes up). Yes, especially bread would be nice, eh? Also love the gardens. Wonder what Luther would say if he would see the times we live in now:)
    Have a beautiful and peaceful week, Mascha!


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